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Kannaway Review: Is This a Scam or Legit MLM?

Hi, welcome to my Kannaway Review. Do you ever hear of Kannaway MLM? Is Kannaway Legit or a Scam? Let’s see…

You’ve probably heard about this potential to earn money without leaving the house for someone else. It was probably a long-lost acquaintance or maybe even a member of the same family.

It appears as if it contains excellent CBD oil, and it seems as though it may be an excellent method to replace a full-time salary.

Yet there is still something about the Kannaway multi-level marketing business that makes you wonder whether it is a pyramid scheme or a scam.

Before we begin this review, let me introduce myself…

Hello, my name is Dima, and I’m a successful online marketer who went from spending time to running a successful affiliate marketing business.

In addition, I analyzed and tested over 200 courses to determine the best way to make money online.

In other words, I enjoy making money online and assisting you legally!

I’ll tell you straight now that Kannaway is not a scam.

Nevertheless, do you feel that this is the ideal option for you to work from home?

This objective Kannaway review, which also includes videos, will detail the fees associated with becoming a member of the firm as well as the benefits and drawbacks of doing so. This information will assist you in making an educated judgment on whether or not this opportunity is suitable for you.

Kannaway Review
Kannaway Review

Kannaway Overview: Kannaway Review



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Kannaway Review

Kannaway is an MLM enterprise based on Hemp. They have developed an excellent CBD oil that seems to be benefiting a large number of individuals, based on the many favorable product reviews.

Low start-up fee & maintenance cost 2
Generous compensation plan 2
Quality affordable products 3
An affiliate-like system 2
  • Positive reviews of products
  • Inexpensive to start
  • Expensive products
  • Pyramid scheme in disguise?
  • Lack of control
  • Negative reviews & poor support
  • Loss in popularity

What is Kannaway?

Kannaway is a Multi-Level Marketing firm that specializes in “hemp-infused” items such as CBD oil. The company’s name comes from the combination of the words “hemp” and “infused.”

The multi-level marketing organization that is now known as Kannaway was founded in 2004 by Christopher Hussye and Jeff Rogers.

The business offers high-quality CBD oil and a variety of additional goods for sale. Or not?

The year 2004 marks the beginning of the existence of the business, making it approximately sixteen years old.

The majority of multi-level marketing enterprises are doomed to fail within the first five years owing to excessive debt and inadequate promotion.

There are over 2,500 network marketing businesses that sell CBD oil, making it tough to differentiate oneself from the competition.

Since new companies enter the market every day offering items that are similar to those already available, the MLM industry is getting more competitive.

As a result, the marketers working for this MLM company decided to produce items with a particular design in order to appeal to the audience they were trying to reach.

As a result, they made use of hemp. You probably believe that the use of hemp in CBD oil defies logic. Despite this, hemp may also be used to manufacture wax, as well as clothes, fuel, and T-shirts.

The problem is that hemp is also a component of cannabis, which brings up another concern.

Cannabis may also be consumed in the form of a narcotic, and doing so can lead to a state of bliss.

To be clear, cannabis includes THC, which is the psychoactive component responsible for its effects of intoxication.

CBD is present in hemp, while THC is not.

Cannabidiol is the abbreviation for CBD, whereas tetrahydrocannabinol is the abbreviation for THC.

It is critical to have an understanding of how CBD and THC differ from one another. The potentially harmful impacts are one of the most important distinctions.

The item is not thought to pose any health risks. Additionally, CBD is legal in almost every state in the United States, but THC is illegal in the majority of states.

I recently finished looking at the network marketing business known as Scout and Cellar.

Because of the presence of THC in certain wines, the distribution of these beverages has been restricted in a number of states.

Some of the more well-known multilevel marketing companies that sell CBD oil include Young Living, CTFO, Hempworx, The Emris Group, Bioreigns, Navan Global, and Vasayo; however, there are innumerable other companies in this industry.

Christopher Hussey, who is now the company’s CTO, and Jeff Rogers, who is now the company’s CEO, established the company in 2014.

The “controversial advantages” of the cannabis plant were to be made available to customers in a manner that was both compliant with the law and safety.

The production of hemp oil, which is distinct from the production of marijuana, is the primary emphasis. Tetrahydrocannabinol, often known as THC, is the chemical that is responsible for the psychoactive effects of marijuana. Hemp oil only contains 0.3% THC, in contrast to the more than 20% that is found in marijuana.

They also make it possible for regular individuals to earn money off of the firm by selling its goods and bringing in new members to the organization. This is done via recruitment.

The promotional film for Kannaway, which runs for three minutes and can be seen below…

Kannaway Review

Because the use of cannabis for both medicinal and recreational purposes has been made legal in Canada and a rising number of states in the United States, you may believe that this may be an excellent business to get involved in.

Nevertheless, before we get into it, you may still have some questions…

What is Kannaway MLM?: Kannaway Review

The multi-level marketing operation run by Kannaway is structured as follows…

They manufacture goods that are derived from hemp. They rely on the assistance of their “ambassadors” to increase sales of these items and to bring in new members of the workforce.

Hence, Kannaway is able to reduce its expenditures on marketing…

And common folks are given the opportunity to earn money without leaving the house.

That seems like a win-win situation!

But, if you are interested in becoming involved, the first thing you need to do is learn more about the items, since this is the primary aspect of the business that you will be responsible for concentrating on selling.

Products made by Kannaway

At Kannaway, you can choose from a wide variety of items that fall into the following categories:

  • CBD products- liquids, pills, salve, vape- $40-$511
  • Nutrition- protein, supplements – $59-$79
  • Skincare- salve, cleanser, mask – $40-$54
  • Essential oils- $43.19
  • $10 to $45 for lifestyle items such as totes, scarves, beanies, and T-shirts
  • Hempy’s- Backpack, leggings, socks, etc. – $14-$63
Kannaway Review
Kannaway Review – Kannaway Products

Donations of $5 to $100 are being accepted for the Echo charity, which provides CBD to ill children and their families.

Magazines, gift cards, and information packets about other nations may be purchased for between $6 and $50.

Even if there is a lot going on, it is really necessary to learn more about the company’s main product, which is the “pure gold” assistance oil.

Kannaway CBD Oil: Kannaway Review

According to Healthline, there are a number of advantages of consuming CBD oil, including the following:

  • May provide relief from discomfort (although studies suggest that cannabis with THC works best for diseases like multiple sclerosis & arthritis)
  • Get rid of your worries.
  • May relieve some of the symptoms of cancer (there is a need for more studies to determine the efficiency and safety of this method)
  • This may lead to fewer acne
  • characteristics that protect neurons, which may help relieve the symptoms of epilepsy and Parkinson’s disease.
  • May be beneficial to the health of the heart (reduce blood pressure & prevent heart damage)

Despite the fact that these advantages can seem very incredible, it is essential to be aware of certain possible adverse effects, including the following:

  • Diarrhea
  • Alterations to one’s appetite and one’s weight
  • Fatigue

While none of these discoveries have been shown to be definitive by the study, it is abundantly evident that there is a place and a need for the therapeutic capabilities that may be discovered in CBD oil.

Watch this short movie to get more information about the CBD oil that Kannaway sells…

Kannaway Review

It is reasonable to say that the research being done by Kannaway as well as the items it is selling look to be fantastic, and it is extremely astounding what the company is accomplishing.

Are you, however, the perfect person to take advantage of this business opportunity?

At the Kannaway store, you will discover examples of every product that is currently available.

It is essential to be aware of the fact that the MLM market for CBD products is currently somewhat saturated. There are a great number of firms that provide a product range that is quite comparable to:

  • Nutrition HealX (HealX)
  • The Option I Choose Each Day
  • Touchstone Essentials
  • International Emris Group
  • Bocannaco
  • Hempworx
  • CTFO
  • Zilis
  • hempSMART

Because of this, it will be more difficult to sell these things given the large number of businesses that are competing to offer the same thing.

Kannaway Value Pack

This is the primary offering that the firm sells. As a component of their overall pay structure, this product also comes with a lifestyle incentive.

We’ll get back to you on that later.

Those who wish to make a financial investment in ensuring the quality of their goods have the best choice available to them in the form of a Kannaway value pack.

Value packs sold by Kannaway often include a number of different products with variable prices.

You need to make an initial investment of $249 in order to begin.

This is a price that may easily be considered acceptable.

Their beginning packs provide members with a variety of alternatives, which is something that I consider to be a benefit.

There are many different varieties of starter kits to choose from. There is a list that follows.

  • Totally unadulterated introductory offer for $249 (Fast Starter JR).
  • The executive beginning package may be purchased for a price of $699.
  • The cost to get a senior executive beginning position is $999.
  • The bundle consisting of Fast Beginning and Executive Starter may be purchased for a price of $1899.99.

In most cases, the cost of a product will grow proportionately with the quantity purchased. Once again, I have to be informed about the quality of the things that they sell.

Now, you may be wondering to yourself…

How to Make Money with the MLM Company Kannaway

The time has come to get down to business, so let’s get started.

As an “ambassador” for Kannaway, you have the opportunity to gain money in one of two ways:

  • You may earn a commission by selling their stuff.
  • Bring in more customers and earn a commission based on what they sell while expanding your workforce.

It is essential that you understand this right now: You do not make money by recruiting other people; rather, you receive commissions on the sales that other individuals make.

So, before we get into the specifics of the Kannaway compensation plan…

You might be at home taking care of kids or have a health problem that makes it hard for you to do your regular job.

If that’s the case and you want to make more money, you need to know how and where to start.

Now, I’ll give you a free step-by-step beginner’s guide to making money online, which you can access by clicking below.

Are You Ready To Create Your Online Business?

What is the fee to become a member of the Kannaway MLM?

It is $54.98 per year to maintain.

Benefit from this entry to:

  • A website that is a copy of itself
  • Office in the back
  • Instruction and supplementary materials
  • Admin support

It is recommended, however, that you test the goods on your own before deciding whether or not to work for the firm.

It’s also possible to purchase a variety of value bundles that provide a significant discount, allowing you to sell some of these things face-to-face as you launch your business.

It’s not required, but whomever “recommends” it to you will almost certainly try to sell you anything (remember they only make a commission on anything you purchase or sell).

These bundles start at $210 and go up to $1,280.

Expenses incurred each month by Kannaway MLM

There are other expenses beyond that.

The second condition you need to fulfill in order to continue being considered “active” as an ambassador is reaching the needed monthly sales quota for PV (personal volume)

When you first begin, this cost will be set at 28 PV each month; however, it will gradually grow as you “level up.”

Since 1 PV is about equivalent to $1, you will need to budget an additional $28 each month for this expense.

While it is possible to sell this item in order to recoup some of the investment, keep in mind that the majority of individuals who start their own businesses have a difficult time making any sales at all.

So, the total amount of money you need to get going for the first year is:

  • $54.98
  • $210-$1,280
  • $24 x 12

Expenses for the first year range from $600.98 to $1,670.98

That is little in comparison to beginning a brick-and-mortar firm, but you should keep in mind that this does not always indicate the prospect is suitable for you.

Kannaway MLM compensation plan

Well, so for some unknown reason, multi-level marketing organizations prefer to make their compensation scheme even more complicated than trying to solve a Rubik’s cube while holding your breath and swimming over the ocean.

Thus, I will do all in my power to keep this straightforward.

There are eleven different methods by that one may make money…

  1. Consumer sales programs
  2. Programs for the customers
  3. 3 for free
  4. Fast start
  5. Direct sales commissions
  6. DSC verifies that it matches.
  7. 10 tiers of team commissions are available.
  8. Commissions based on rank infinite
  9. Commissions with a coded infinite
  10. Lifestyle commissions
  11. Rank advancement commissions

Do you note that there are actually just two things you need to perform in order to complete any of these methods?

  1. Make a profit by selling goods
  2. Recruit people

In point of fact, it is all you need in order to get started with anything. When you first begin earning money, it may not be worth your time to attempt to comprehend this.

Nevertheless, here is the cold, hard reality…

You will absolutely need to get other individuals into the Kannaway multi-level marketing company if you want to earn any significant amount of money (more than $1,000 per month).

Here is where the comprehensive compensation plan may be found.

Is Kannaway a pyramid scheme?: Kannaway Review

Technically, no.

It should be noted that Kannaway is not a pyramid scam.

They provide legitimate things for sale and offer commissions to their “ambassadors” for making sales of such products.

Nonetheless, the question that has to be asked about MLM businesses is…

Is Kannaway really just a cover for a pyramid scheme?

What is meant by the term “pyramid scheme”?

A pyramid scheme is a fraudulent business model in which participants are promised financial gain in exchange for bringing in new members and does not include the sale of any goods or services.

Since they cannot be maintained and it is not viable for everyone to generate money using this strategy, they are regarded as unlawful in the majority of nations. Just look at the chart below here…

Kannaway Review

Yet, in order to “hide behind,” some multi-level marketing businesses offer products or services. They put more emphasis on recruiting new members than they do on selling the actual items.

The situation cannot continue in this manner, and as a result, a significant number of participants will incur financial losses.

In the next portion of this Kannaway MLM review, the facts of the firm will be discussed.

In the meanwhile, you may watch the video below, which is just five minutes long, to find out what red flags to look out for when it comes to pyramid schemes…

Kannaway Review

At Kannaway, finding success might be challenging.

Not only Kannaway does not have a lot of success tales, but neither does anybody else. It’s the majority of multi-level marketing businesses.

Did you know that studies have shown that between 73 and 99.9 percent of all multi-level marketing (MLM) reps end up losing money?

FTC MLM Facts and Statistics

This is due to a wide variety of factors, and not every multi-level marketing firm is created equal.

Yet, one of the primary reasons for this is that multi-level marketing (MLM) businesses offer items that are more costly than those on the market. Then, in order to “stay active,” they need their distributors to continue making purchases of these pricey items or to meet a certain sales goal.

Since not everyone can meet that sales goal, salespeople sometimes need to buy the items for themselves out of their own pocket.

As you will find out later on in our Kannaway MLM review, Kannaway is one of these firms. Sadly.

You might be at home taking care of kids or have a health problem that makes it hard for you to do your regular job.

If that’s the case and you want to make more money, you need to know how and where to start.

Now, I’ll give you a free step-by-step beginner’s guide to making money online, which you can access by clicking below.

Are You Ready To Create Your Online Business?

Is Kannaway MLM a scam?: Kannaway Review

Is the Kannaway MLM a scam?

No, this is not a fraud.

They provide legitimate items and pay their brand ambassadors just as they said they would.

The thing that you need to be aware of is that the person who introduced you to the software most likely has not given you all you need to know to get started with the program… the odds are that they do not understand everything they need to know themselves!

After you have finished reading this Kannaway MLM review, you will have a complete understanding of what to anticipate, and you will be able to decide with complete knowledge whether or not this opportunity is suitable for you.

For the sake of complete honesty with you, I want you to know that I am not a distributor for this product and that I do not in any way recommend it.

In order to get to the bottom of what this application is really capable of, I examined the website, read some testimonials, and looked at some material on the internet. This is due to the fact that I have been burned in the past by programs very similar to this one, and I want to make sure that other people do not make the same errors I did. If you are interested in learning how to “Spot an Internet Marketing Scam,” then you should click the text that has been highlighted.

Common positive reviews: Kannaway Review

The following is a selection of the favorable feedback that we received from users of Indeed on the employment opportunity…

“I have never worked for a company like this before! If you are a self-starter & motivated you will succeed! The support and training is like no other. If you are coachable, you will hit your bosses & make very good money helping others in a short amount of time.”

Common negative reviews

And now for the most frequent of the unfavorable reviews…

“This is a career in networking and making the most of every opportunity. I am not a salesperson. I do not want to be.”

What I like most about Kannaway Multi-Level Marketing

The Kannaway multi-level marketing (MLM) scheme is appealing to me for a few different reasons.

Important Terms:

  • Instead of offering actual goods or services, participants in a pyramid scheme are enticed to join by the prospect of financial gain if they bring in other customers.
  • Affiliate marketing may be defined as the process of directing a client to a certain product and earning a commission in exchange for doing so.
  • A signal of danger is denoted by a red flag.

1# Good comments about items manufactured by Kannaway

It is obvious that the items have a positive reputation, and it seems that they have really made a difference in people’s lives.

Kannaway Review
Kannaway Review
Kannaway Review

This truly is incredible, and the people who started this business have a lot of reason to be proud of what they’ve created.

Yet, despite this fact, it is not a suitable chance for YOU to pursue a commercial venture.

2# It doesn’t cost a lot to get started.

Another wonderful aspect shared by the vast majority of MLM schemes is this one.

They are rather inexpensive to purchase initially…

The minimum first investment required to begin generating money with the organization is $54.98.

But the truth of the matter is that if this is your first attempt at running a company, you won’t earn a single dime if you simply spend that amount and don’t get any more instruction or help.

This brings us to the point when…

What I dislike about the Kannaway multi-level marketing company: Kannaway Review

Kannaway MLM is an opportunity that I believe has a lot of potential.

But, there are a lot of secrets that are being kept regarding the business opportunity, and it’s possible that you aren’t aware of them.

When deciding whether or not to participate in the program, everyone should be aware of this…

1# Expensive items

When I am researching different multi-level marketing (MLM) programs, this is the very first item that I look into.

The reason for this is because it typically provides me a clue that the program is running as a pyramid scam in disguise, which is why I avoid participating in it.

This is particularly important to keep in mind when there is a “sales quota” that has to be met each month, as is the situation with Kannaway.

Just about that for a moment: why would a buyer purchase Kannaway items if they could obtain the exact same thing elsewhere at a price that was fifty percent lower? Very few individuals would do so (apart from die hard fans). It is the first indication that the “ambassadors” would be pushed to recruit individuals to join the organization rather than sell the goods themselves, and it is also the first hint that the company is moving in that direction.

Kannaway Review
Kannaway Review
  • CBD hemp oil from Kannaway costs 46.75 dollars per fluid ounce.
  • On Amazon, highly rated hemp CBD oil ranges in price from $2 to $20 per fluid ounce.

However, Kannaway is similar to many other multi-level marketing companies in that it sells things that are readily available elsewhere at a far lower cost. It is more than 150% more costly than comparable goods that have received great reviews on Amazon.

Now I understand what you’re going through in your head…

But it “definitely is a little different,” particularly when it comes to something as beneficial to your health as CBD oil and the possibility that it may treat cancer.

So, here’s something interesting…

Kannaway Review

In 2015, Medical Marijuana made the acquisition of Kannaway.

They demonstrate that the product supplied under the brand names “RSHO-Gold” by HempMeds and “Pure-Gold” by Kannaway are Precisely the same item.

Despite this, the price of Kannaway is still 27% higher, which equates to an additional $50!

If this isn’t an indication that something is fishy, I don’t know what is!

2# There are indications that it is a pyramid scam hiding in plain sight.

Right, so as I quickly described in the issue that came before this one, Kannaway exhibits symptoms of operating like a pyramid scheme in disguise owing to the extremely high rates and the requirements that “sales quotas” be met.

But as you delve in, it becomes much worse.

The following are some other indications that Kannaway’s primary emphasis is on recruitment, and that the best way for ambassadors to generate money is via recruitment rather than through the sale of products:

  • Eight out of the eleven strategies to get money include recruitment.
  • The more people you attract into your downline, the higher your commission will be (encouraging you to focus on recruiting)
  • In order to qualify for any fastrack incentives, you need to recruit swiftly.
Kannaway Review

The whole structure of the pay plan is entirely geared toward recruiting.

To such an extent that it is never made plain what your commissions would be when you sell the things, it is quite difficult to understand.

I calculated that the commission is somewhere between 0% and 30%, but it appears more like you get roughly $15 every sale regardless of how much the customer spends… as I said, it’s complicated, but the most successful multi-level marketing organizations are focused on their goods.

3# A lack of command and authority

If you sign up with Kannaway, you won’t truly have any ownership over a company at all.

You’ll have a lot riding on the folks you bring on board (and who recruited you)

You have no control over your website (it’s simply a replica, and you won’t be able to obtain free traffic to it from Google), and you do not have access to the site’s source code.

You have no power to influence the cost of the products or anything that could happen to them.

You might be terminated at any moment by Kannaway, even if they don’t provide you with a valid cause (the most typical one being if you don’t meet your sales quota).

If you ever find yourself depending on this as your primary source of income, you will have a serious problem on your hands.

4# Inadequate support and customer complaints

To begin, I would like to point out that the items have received a great deal of favorable feedback in the form of reviews and comments.

According to what other people have said, I genuinely do believe that they have something nice going on here (although you can pick up the same stuff for much cheaper!).

On the other hand, the internet seems to be rife with customer complaints; in fact, there are so many of them that it’s not even funny!

The most prevalent ones have to do with providing help to customers and included things like these…

Kannaway Review

Yet, some of the most disturbing ones were about how it would destroy ties with family and friends… for example…

Kannaway Review

And I believe Donna wonderfully encapsulates what the firm is all about…

Kannaway Review

There is always cause for concern when a firm receives a large number of complaints; but, some of them were so specific that it was obvious that Kannaway had angered a significant number of customers over the years.

5# Losing popularity

Thus, CBD oil and the legalization of marijuana in certain jurisdictions remains a very hot issue of discussion.

On the other hand, if you check Google to see how many people are looking for Kannaway, the results don’t appear very promising at all.

It has already experienced the first “boom” that many multi-level marketing organizations have a tendency to experience in their early days in 2014. Yet beginning in 2018, the number of searches has been steadily going down on a month-to-month basis.

As compared to businesses that are still in the early momentum phase such as Farmasi, it is clear that investing in Kannaway is like to gambling on a horse that has already been put down.

My Thoughts – Kannaway Review

It appears to me that Kannaway has produced a truly high-quality CBD oil that is providing a great deal of assistance to those who are in need of it.

Are you looking for a network marketing business opportunity that has the potential to replace your full-time income?

What I have come to believe is…

In order to achieve any kind of success in the multi-level marketing business, you will need to bring on a large number of new members. Hence, if you know some individuals who believe in CBD oil and are seeking for a home-based business opportunity, it’s possible that it may work for them.

But, the vast majority of individuals do not know very many others that have an interest in the topic. This implies that you will need to network around the clock and you will need to have a strong belief in the things you are selling.

And if you want to run your company in an honest way, it will be difficult for you to do so if you are aware that the things you are attempting to offer can be purchased elsewhere for a much lower price.

How I Make Money Online With Online Business

First and foremost, congrats, and thanks for reading the My Kannaway Review. I hope I’ve provided you with enough information on this program.

I am now earning money online through an affiliate marketing business. I was even able to quit my old work and become full-time online because of your beginner-friendly strategy!

So, how exactly does it work?

It’s simple. All you have to do is start a blog (website), look for things you enjoy, join affiliate programs, take your affiliate link, bring traffic to your site, and recommend the same products to people on the internet.

You receive a part of the revenue from each sale. And you can do it in any business!

A few years ago, I found affiliate marketing through my #1 recommended program, decided to go all-in, and now I generate consistent passive income online.

One of the nicest aspects of my #1 ranked course is that you can join for free. You will receive one free site as well as access to the course’s first ten lessons to test things out.

Furthermore, this curriculum is all-inclusive. With affiliate marketing, you have everything you need to make money online.

This provides full training, the greatest tools, hosting and websites, live support, community assistance, technical assistance, one-on-one training, and much more!

My conclusion is simple after examining over 200 programs on the internet. This is the most effective way to make money online.

And if you’re seeking the same thing, click the button below to obtain entry to a legitimate online money-making system!


Please contact me if you require assistance or have any questions.

And don’t forget to tell your friends and family about Kannaway Review.

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  1. This is a very eye opening review of the Kannaway organization mr.success, it will be helpful to many people who aren’t sure what to look for concerning the difference between thc and cbd, or the consequences that may be present when using these specific cannabinoids.

    I take a little bit of an issue with your statement that most states don’t allow thc. They may not allow tetrahydrocannabinol for recreational use but 37 of the 50 states allow it for medical marijuana patients.

    The Kannaway cbd products you highlight are intriguing to me and I’m curious if there is one of their products that you recommend above the others?

  2. Until reading your article, I had not heard of Kannaway.  The article is thorough and offers a clear picture of products, compensation and benefits.  One important point you have made is that the CBD market is saturated so the ability to recruit and sell products may be limited.  The requirements for starting and maintaining a place in Kannaway don’t seem to difficult.  I have participated in MLMs that ask much more.  I am an affiliate marketer but always looking for products to add.  I am going to look into Kannaway a bit more.  Thanks you for the thorough review.


  3. As someone who is interested in exploring different business opportunities, I found this review of Kannaway to be very informative and insightful. I appreciated the detailed explanation of the company’s history, products, and compensation plan…

    I think that Kannaway could be a great opportunity for anyone interested in the CBD and hemp-based product industry. But unless you’re passionate about that, might be best to consider other opportunities.

  4. Thank you for a very thorough and informative review of this MLM company. It was a review such as this for another online opportunity that saved me from diving into a money hole or a business that wasn’t really going to teach me how to build an online business. I imagine there are many people that are considering this company and doing an internet search to find reviews. Your review should come to the top of the list. Wealthy Affiliate really is the way to go if you want to learn step by step how to build a business, with great community support. 

  5. Hello Dima, Thank you for writing this comprehensive Review of the Kannaway MLM. It is evident from your review that you have done extensive research on this company and its products. I totally agree with your statement about the compensation plans of MLM organizations – even a rocket scientist would have trouble understanding how they work! I have been involved in MLMs in the past and, frankly, lost money, so I now go to extraordinary lengths to avoid them. This is a great Review that tells it like it is. Best wishes, Jenni.

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