Is Shiftsmart Legitimate or Scam?

Is Shiftsmart Legitimate or Scam? Ultimate Review

Hi, welcome to my shiftsmart Review. Do you ever hear of shiftsmart? Is shiftsmart legitimate or a Scam? Let’s see…

Is Shiftsmart Legitimate or Scam?
Is Shiftsmart Legitimate or Scam?

It is not enjoyable to be anxious about money, and you are not alone in feeling this way. I have also been there.

You may be burdened with debt and a mountain of bills to pay. Or you may be caring for a person who requires assistance and requires additional funds. The extra effort can be beneficial.

To assist, companies such as ShiftSmart have joined the gig economy.

But Is Shiftsmart Legitimate?

Before we begin this review, let me introduce myself…

Hello, my name is Dima, and I’m a successful online marketer who went from spending time to running a successful affiliate marketing business.

In addition, I analyzed and tested over 200 courses to determine the best way to make money online.

In other words, I enjoy making money online and assisting you legally!

In this evaluation, I will explain what ShiftSmart is, how it operates, and whether it is worthwhile. I’ll also explore some of the frequently asked concerns and issues mentioned on their platform.



Best Alternative
Is Shiftsmart Legitimate or Scam

ShiftSmart is a platform for labor management. It enables shift workers to search for entry-level positions including mystery shopping, store merchandising, cleaning, product testing, and survey calls.

Features Rate 3
Can Make Money? 3
Recommended 2
  • Legit jobs
  • Decent pay
  • Flexibility
  • Reports of app glitches
  • Lack of shifts in some areas.
  • Unpaid training

What exactly is ShiftSmart?

ShiftSmart is a platform for labor management. It enables shift workers to search for entry-level positions including mystery shopping, store merchandising, cleaning, product testing, and survey calls.

ShiftSmart was founded in 2015 by Aakash Kumar, Patrick Brandt, and Pavan Patel in the United States and has locations in Delaware, California, Louisiana, Washington, and Indiana.

ShiftSmart aims to provide a more convenient marketplace where workers can connect with companies via their mobile application, following a trend established by companies such as Uber and Airbnb. In addition, it allows you to choose when and where you work, spawning a generation of microentrepreneurs, as defined by Aakash.

How Does ShiftSmart Work?

ShiftSmart functions similarly to other job boards you may be familiar with. You log in, search for shifts, and submit an application. It is comparable to ConnectRN, SnagAJob, People Per Hour, and Wonolo.

It is essential to note that you are not a ShiftSmart employee.

As an employee of ShiftSmart, you are essentially an independent contractor. You are responsible for managing your time and ensuring that your credentials, training, etc. are current while working for various ShiftSmart clients.

ShiftSmart Requirements

  • Mobile Phone (Apple or Android).
  • Network Connection (stable high-speed for remote jobs).
  • Windows or Apple desktop or portable computer (for set-up, training, and survey calling software).
  • 18 years of age and older.
  • Employability in the country in which you are applying.
  • Standard English

The ShiftSmart Onboarding System

To begin using ShiftSmart, download the IOS or Android app to your mobile device and follow the on-screen instructions to create your profile. After completing the form, you can scroll down to the section for job opportunities and sign up for those that interest you.

The onboarding flow displayed on your app will be determined by the positions you select. Follow these steps to complete the onboarding procedure and begin earning money.

Note: Only one active account is permitted on the ShiftSmart platform. In the event that multiple accounts are flagged for fraud, you will be locked out of the system.

Virtual ShiftSmart Training

Using Zoom, the majority of ShiftSmart’s training is virtual. Training shifts consist of training sessions.

Depending on the client and position you are applying for, virtual training can range from one to eight hours. Higher-paying jobs typically require longer training shifts.

Is ShiftSmart Training Paid?

ShiftSmart training is free, as is the majority of training. Occasionally, they offer paid training for specific positions, but the specifics will be listed in those instances. If the job description does not specify paid training, it is likely unpaid.

For the paid training shifts, attendance at the training sessions and completion of at least one shift on the job are generally required.

Remember that you are a ShiftSmart independent contractor and not an employee.

The benefit of being a freelancer or independent contractor is greater freedom and independence. Paid training is one of the benefits of being an employee that you forfeit as a freelancer.

That does not mean you cannot be employed elsewhere.

These benefits may be provided by a part-time or full-time position. Additionally, you cannot accept ShiftSmart shifts on the weekend or whenever they do not conflict with your regular job.

Is Shiftsmart Legitimate?

ShiftSmart is a legitimate business. Nonetheless, there have been concerns that ShiftSmart harvests personal data.

That is comprehensible. In these instances, it appears that new members joined and shared their personal information. Then the application crashed, or they logged in to discover few if any, available shifts.

Moreover, once the information has been shared, it cannot be unshared. Does that render it a fraud?

According to ShiftSmart’s privacy policy, “your information will not be disclosed to a third party unless you consent to its release or unless required by law, court order, or in connection with law enforcement investigations or other legal proceedings.”

However, they do require a substantial amount of information. And with good cause. They are hiring you for actual employment. As with any job, businesses require information for identification, payments, taxes, liability, etc…

Be sure to review ShiftSmart’s policy for a list of the identification documents and personal information they may request.

For something more important, you could also start an online business that works on commission.

You might be at home taking care of kids or have a health problem that makes it hard for you to do your regular job.

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Are You Ready To Create Your Online Business?

Obviously, I am unable to confirm that ShiftSmart will not sell your information.

What I do know is that ShiftSmart is not one of those shady platforms operated by anonymous owners in unidentified regions of the world.

ShiftSmart was incorporated on August 28, 2015, in Delaware (United States), and its founders, Aakash Kumar, Patrick Brandt, and Pavan Patel, are real individuals.

One million workers utilized the ShiftSmart platform in over 50 countries as of the first quarter of 2022.

According to their LinkedIn page, they now have 1,4 million members in 57 countries.

ShiftSmart is ranked 541st on Inc.’s list of the 5000 most successful American companies.

Is Shiftsmart Legitimate
Is Shiftsmart Legitimate

Thus, ShiftSmart exists. It is not a scheme promising quick wealth that makes false promises. It is a legitimate platform offering modest work-from-home opportunities. And these do not fall under the category of scam-promoted simple online jobs.

These are “real” hourly-paying jobs. And this is the type of work that many people require, especially in the current economic climate.


ShiftSmart is a legitimate business. Does this imply that the company is a good place to work?

As the answer is unclear, I will discuss the reviews and complaints below. Undoubtedly, many individuals enjoy ShiftSmart. There are more than a million users. However, some have reported issues. In a moment, I’ll elaborate.

Questions Frequently Asked About ShiftSmart

How Much Money Can You Make Working for ShiftSmart?

The amount you can earn on ShiftSmart is contingent on your position, location, and shift availability.

Entry-level positions typically pay between $10 and $20 per hour. Consequently, if you work an eight-hour shift, your daily pay can range from $80 to $160 before taxes.

You may occasionally be able to schedule double shifts, but this is highly dependent on the location of the other shift and the required hours. If your shifts overlap, the plan will fail.

Obviously, it also depends on your location. In some metropolitan areas, you may receive multiple weekly shifts, while in others, you may only receive one or two.

Therefore, it is difficult to estimate how much one can earn at ShiftSmart. In some regions, it could be a full-time position with decent pay (at least $40,000 per year) and in others, it could be a part-time position (at least $10,000 per year).

For something more important, you could also start an online business that works on commission.

You might be at home taking care of kids or have a health problem that makes it hard for you to do your regular job.

If that’s the case and you want to make more money, you need to know how and where to start.

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Are You Ready To Create Your Online Business?

Does ShiftSmart offer daily pay?

ShiftSmart does not pay on a daily basis. However, you can withdraw funds daily through the ShiftSmart app using the Get Paid Now feature IF available funds exist.

After completing a shift, payment must be approved, which can take between 24 and 72 hours. For certain positions, payment could take up to five business days.

Consequently, if you work daily shifts, you may be able to withdraw your money daily, but you will always be 2 to 5 business days behind.

Connect your debit card or bank account to the ShiftSmart app.

How many hours can be worked utilizing ShiftSmart?

ShiftSmart permits you to work as many or as few hours as desired. Therefore, there is no limit on how many hours you can work or how much money you can earn.

Obviously, you are constrained by the number of hours in a day and, more importantly, by the number of hours you can safely work.

Are Computers Required for ShiftSmart?

You will need a Windows or Mac desktop or laptop computer running the most recent version of Windows or macOS. Remote work, such as telephone surveys, necessitates a computer, which is also required for setup and training.

Does ShiftSmart Drug Test? : Is Shiftsmart Legitimate or Scam

ShiftSmart does not drug test under normal circumstances. However, they may request a drug test in the event of a workplace accident or suspicion of drug use.

A third instance in which an employer (via ShiftSmart) may require a drug test is for a position involving unique safety risks, such as a construction site.

Does ShiftSmart Only Work With Circle K?

ShiftSmart serves a variety of customers, including Circle K.

They also collaborate with Dynata, a provider of market research and insights to companies including Nestle, Starbucks, Amazon, and Spotify, among others.

Airbnb, Cumberland Farms, Deloitte, Humana, Top Golf, and the Small Business Administration are among ShiftSmart’s additional clients. However, based on employee reviews and comments, most shifts appear to be about Circle K.

Does ShiftSmart Deduct Taxes?

You are regarded as an independent contractor, so no taxes are withheld from your ShiftSmart earnings. Therefore, independent contractors must adhere to their nation’s tax laws.

For US-based workers, ShiftSmart reports to the IRS and issues a 1099 if you earn more than $650 with them during the tax year.

ShiftSmart User Opinions and Complaints: Is Shiftsmart Legitimate or Scam

Reviews of ShiftSmart are mixed, with the app receiving the majority of criticism. Additionally, there are complaints regarding a lack of shifts, late payments, and inadequate support.

Honestly, I found the user reviews to be somewhat discouraging and unexpected.

ShiftSmart has raised $95 million in Series B funding and appears on lists like the Inc. 5000. According to Crunchbase, they have received $120.6 million in total funding. So, it’s odd to see so many reports of the app’s bugs and glitches and unhelpful support.

Is Shiftsmart legitimate – Crunchbase

Among the complaints from Google Play and Apple App Store, for instance, are…

The app never launches properly. I’ve tried everything, and tech support is useless. I’ve lost money attempting to use this.

So many errors. The majority of the time I cannot log in, and when I do, the “start background check” button does not function.

Today I worked a scheduled shift despite the app’s inability to allow me to clock in/out. Now unable to send screenshots of said scheduled shift, and having already left, I no longer possess the selfie.

The app itself is extremely buggy. I’ve contacted support multiple times through tickets; they take days to respond and never provide a resolution.

Regarding app issues, it should be noted that we do not know what device it is installed on or if there are any problems with it (the device). Clearly, a large number of people are successfully utilizing the application.

There appears to be occasional miscommunication between clients and ShiftSmart, with workers showing up for shifts when they are not required to.

For example, a Google Play reviewer stated…

I confirmed my INITIAL shift via the app, took an Uber to the store, and confirmed AGAIN via text, only to be informed by the store manager that they no longer use workers from this app.

Fairly, not all reviews are negative. Additionally, there are many positive reviews.

Examples of favorable review comments include…

  • Yesterday, I received my first paycheck and worked my first shift. Everything has gone smoothly, and I am extremely pleased.
  • I have intermittently worked with Shiftsmart for approximately two years, and they are legitimate. You will always receive your payment on time.
  • As soon as I began using the app, I gave them a one-star rating due to an update error. Yesterday, I accepted and completed my first job, and it went well.
  • My experience has been positive overall. I’ve emailed support and received prompt responses. After completing onboarding, I began working. I have no issues…

Can you rely on these positive and negative reviews, complaints, and comments, and should you?

Here’s the deal…

ShiftSmart has over 500,000 downloads on Google Play. They currently display approximately 15,200 reviews, which is a sizeable number. Overall, however, the ratio of reviews to downloads is relatively low.

And unless “bribed” to leave a positive review, as some businesses do, unhappy users, customers, etc. are more likely to leave a review.

Therefore, negative reviews are prevalent.

Negative reviews and complaints cannot be ignored, but they do not tell the whole story. Because hundreds of thousands of ShiftSmart app users have not shared their experiences, this is the case. It is reasonable to assume that if they did, their opinions would be predominantly positive.

What I Like About ShiftSmart: Is Shiftsmart Legitimate or Scam

  • Legitimate employment and work-at-home opportunities.
  • Reasonable pay. You won’t become wealthy, but the offered hourly wage is reasonable for the position.
  • Flexibility. You are permitted to work as many or as few hours as you have available.
  • A relatively straightforward onboarding process.

What I Don’t Like: Is Shiftsmart Legitimate or Scam

  • Reports of app bugs and inadequate support (these may be isolated instances).
  • Lack of change in certain areas.
  • Unpaid instruction
  • A significant number of negative comments and complaints.

Conclusion: Is Shiftsmart Legitimate or Scam?

You are not alone in your desire for more money and independence. If not everyone, the majority can relate.

ShiftSmart does provide a reasonable amount of flexibility, so I believe it is worth a shot.

As others have reported, you may or may not encounter issues with the app, but downloading it and checking for shifts won’t hurt. It will not cost you anything.

There are more options available if there are no available shifts or if you’re just looking for additional ways to earn money.

You may be a student or a single parent at home, or you may have health issues that make regular employment difficult. Perhaps you detest your current position and are desperate for a change.

If so, an online business may be what you’re seeking.

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Please contact me if you require assistance or have any questions.

And don’t forget to tell your friends and family about my Shiftsmart review.

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  1. I have never heard of Shiftsmart before, but I do have some experience years ago as a mystery shopper so this was interesting to me. I am a person always looking for alternative ways to earn money, it was nice to find out more about a company where you could apply for a shift or two, depending on your credentials. Not sure I will act on this particular company tho since the review of the app not working well kind of sends up a red flag as to whether other aspects of working for a company like this work well? Thanks for the information, I may decide to check it out.

  2. Thank you so very kindly for this amazing content.

    I have been searching around for ways to make money online adn come across dozens if not hundreds of websites, apps and this, that and the other thing all to no avail.

    With Shift Smart, that was not the case. It was relatively easy to get hired and the pay pay was actually half way decent.

    After spending all kinds of time on Upwork and Fiverr, I can honestly say that Shift Smart takes the cake.



  3. Hi, I recently made a website for my shopping store and I’ve been researching SEO tools and google algorithms, I just read your article now, and it was really helpful, I love to try google ads to improve my site. But for now, it’s not available in our country. Thanks for your useful information.

  4. I must admit that I have never heard of Shiftsmart. Your review opens a new subject for me and therefore interesting to read through.

    Hearing this kind of business model first time makes it look impressive. If these are genuine work from home opportunities paying a decent salary of over $10 is quite helpful for anyone and everyone.

    Besides, it operates in more than 50 countries so it is not limited geographically.

    Loved your review and would like to give it a try to earn few extra bucks.



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