Is Cambly Legit or a Scam?
Is Cambly Legit or a Scam?

Is Cambly Legit or a Scam? Ultimate Review

Hello, welcome to my Cambly Review. Do you ever hear of Cambly? Is Cambly Legit or a Scam? Let’s see…

Cambly is an excellent place to start if you are interested in becoming an ESL tutor. But like most people, you want to make sure it’s not a scam before you exchange money or personal information online.

I can tell that Cambly is legitimate. But you’re under no obligation to believe me. If you require a work-at-home income due to health concerns, having young children at home, a weak job market in your area, or any other reason, we will delve deeper into that subject in this review to determine whether Cambly can do so.

I can relate because I’ve struggled with each of those three issues, and Cambly is the exact type of work-from-home position I was looking for.

Before we begin this review, let me introduce myself…

Hello, my name is Dima, and I’m a successful online marketer who went from spending time to running a successful affiliate marketing business.

In addition, I analyzed and tested over 200 courses to determine the best way to make money online.

In other words, I enjoy making money online and assisting you legally!

I’ll describe what Cambly is, how it functions, and whether it’s a good fit for you in this review.

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Is Cambly Legit or a Scam?
Is Cambly Legit or a Scam?

Cambly Overview

Is Cambly legit

Cambly is somewhat unique in that it doesn't require pre-scheduling for connections between students and teachers using its platform. Users only need to visit the website, make contact with a teacher, and then begin learning.

Rating 7
Can Make Money? 7
Recommended 7
  • No teaching experience required.
  • Make your own hours – It’s VERY flexible!
  • You don’t need to follow any lessons.
  • You can work as much or as little as you want, 24/7.
  • They don’t hire non-native English speakers.
  • Maybe you don’t feel comfortable speaking in front of the camera.
  • Some “free trial calls” can be annoying and even embarrassing
  • Cambly can’t control what people can do in front of their camera.

What Is Cambly?

Similar to Skype, Cambly connects ESL students and tutors. You can use the Cambly app while traveling or you can chat on your computer at home.

Recently, the internet—and social media in particular—have received a bad rap. On the other hand, Cambly is one of those concepts that show the World Wide Web still has a lot to offer.

Cambly brings people from all over the world together for some lighthearted fun and useful purposes.

Cambly was introduced on November 2, 2012, but due in large part to a lack of training, experienced some growing pains and unfavorable early reviews. But now, it’s 2018. Cambly has grown up, built a bigger community, and overcome some of its early difficulties.

When compared to other ESL tutoring platforms like VIP Kid and Golden Voice English, Cambly stands out because it allows users to connect with students and tutors whenever they want, from wherever they are (depending on which one you are).

Without the structure of scheduled online classes or time commitments, where Cambly excels is in their casual access to situational advice on things like grammar, punctuation, and even cultural slang.

If you’re prepared to take on the world, launching an online business is a good idea.

Perhaps you need a full-time income from home due to a health problem, having children to take care of, or even working a job you detest.

You might want to start an online business that makes passive income in which case you need to know how (and where) to start in order to achieve your goals.

Now, I’ll give you a free step-by-step beginner’s guide to making money online, which you can access by clicking below.

Are You Ready To Create Your Online Business?

How to Become a Cambly Tutor?

Actually, hiring is a very easy process. Visit to sign up with Cambly as a tutor.

After that, select “Get Started” and register with your Google or Facebook account.

The next step is to check your internet connection’s speed and submit a brief self-introduction video. Just engage in natural conversation as if you were speaking to a friend.

After that, all you have to do is wait for approval, which typically comes in a day or two.

How Does it Work?: Is Cambly Legit or a Scam?

All you need to do is sign into your tutor account and make yourself available to start receiving calls. There is a possibility that no one will call you while you are logged in, though.

Due to this, Cambly has implemented a system called Priority Hours (PH) that enables you to commit to specific times and give yourself precedence over tutors who are not scheduled. PH will undoubtedly assist in increasing call volume and reducing long pauses.

Setting up Priority Hours also ensures that, depending on the hours, you will receive at least 15 or 30 minutes worth of calls. Therefore, regardless of how long you speak for, you will at least make $2.55 or $5.10.

Remember that if you don’t show up, you could receive a fine and lose your ability to schedule priority hours for three days.

However, you are free to cancel PH if you do so at least 12 hours in advance.

Is Cambly Legit or a Scam?

Cambly is not a scam, no… However, there are some reasons to worry.

Trust is a problem whenever you exchange money or personal information online, as I mentioned above. Of course, you should always take additional security measures to protect your online identity.

Making their identity known to others is one-way Cambly can do better at building that trust.

They don’t really disclose anything about Cambly’s history, where they are from, or who is in charge behind the scenes with just a basic website.

That’s typically a major warning sign and one of the first indicators that you’re dealing with a con…

The good news is that Cambly is not trying to conceal who they are. Simply put, they don’t say on their website. You can find the information if you look for it.

Here is a video featuring one of the creators of Cambly.

Is Cambly Legit or a Scam?

The community is a key element in spotting scams. What do your clients and supporters have to say about you?

Cambly has a Facebook page and a Twitter account, but neither one is particularly active.

Recently, Cambly has been much more active on social media.

Actually, it appears that they stopped updating their Facebook page in the summer of 2017.

Currently (April 2018)… In 2017, they last posted on June 26.

Is Cambly Legit or a Scam
Is Cambly Legit or a Scam?

Of course, I don’t really mean they’ve abandoned it when I say “abandoned.” They might start posting once more at any moment, but

It makes sense for them to direct their energy elsewhere if their Facebook or Twitter accounts are providing no value.

The fact that many students and tutors are asking questions in the comments on that Facebook page and that Cambly has never responded is concerning. (As I mentioned in my above update, they have been considerably more active on social media. Even though they post frequently, there isn’t much interaction in the form of comments and replies.

All of this does not imply that Cambly is a scam, but it may indicate a company that is disintegrating or simply losing interest. Perhaps the owners are working on more significant projects.

I hope that’s not the case. There are some positive reviews from people who would probably be disappointed to see them go, as I’ll discuss in a moment.

Another possibility for the issue is that Cambly is simply understaffed.

In any case, you shouldn’t be concerned that Cambly is a scam because you can watch videos of the company’s founders, listen to recordings of actual students and tutors, and read reliable reviews.

How Much Does Cambly Pay Their Tutors?

Cambly has received criticism for having one of the lowest pay rates among online tutoring businesses, but it should be noted that it also has one of the highest levels of flexibility.

The current hourly rate for tutors is $10.20, or $.17 per minute.

It’s better to earn $10.20 per hour than $0.00 per hour if you tutor students in between jobs (or during school), which almost certainly have set schedules. No, you won’t build your empire on $10.20 per hour.

The downtime you don’t get paid for when working an online job is one of the issues. I enjoy taking on multiple projects as a freelancer so I can benefit from those downtimes.

Regardless of whether it’s Cambly, your job, or something else, there is always something you can do online to make money. The best way to increase your income is to manage your downtime.

Many people can work from home like this while they are traveling or living in a nation where their money is worth much more. If you can fit it into your lifestyle, it’s not a terrible rate.

Cambly offers weekly payments with a $20 minimum.

Requirements for Cambly Tutor (and Recommendations): Is Cambly Legit or a Scam?

With Cambly, there won’t be many challenges to overcome, at least not in terms of requirements.

Naturally, English is a requirement, and Cambly typically hires native English speakers from Canada, the US, the UK, and Australia.

A computer with a microphone and camera, as well as an internet connection, is also required. or a mobile phone.

It’s best to work in a distraction-free environment. However, Cambly tutoring can be done virtually anywhere as long as your student can see and hear you (and you can see and hear them) (within reason).

Your chances of receiving more tutoring hours can be increased by having teaching credentials (but they are not mandatory).

Cambly will also walk you through a checklist before you begin ( pictured below)

Is Cambly Legit or a Scam
Is Cambly Legit or a Scam?

What Happens if You’re Not a Native Speaker?

Unfortunately, Cambly only employs native English speakers, probably because most students prefer to converse with them.

Another reason could be that they would rather simplify their hiring process by only considering nationalities as opposed to putting candidates through a rigorous selection process to demonstrate their fluency.

I understand that many English teachers and native speakers may feel that the current system is unfair. My wife is from Brazil and has been a teacher of English for eight years. She would not, however, be permitted to join Cambly. But such is life!

Palfish is a thankfully available substitute for non-native speakers.

What Should You Talk About?

Actually, the topic of conversation is open-ended. Although you are not required to use any lessons, Cambly does offer some if you so choose.

I learned from my research that adults and teenagers prefer Cambly. When compared to other tutoring websites that demand a teaching plan, the conversations here are typically more informal.

Students occasionally ask for assistance with their essays, reading assignments, etc.

Many Cambly users laud the conversations and say they prefer Cambly to other websites aimed at instructing Chinese children, like Qkids, VIPKID, and DadaABC.

Free Trial Students

On occasion, free trial students will call for between five and fifteen minutes.

Spending time with some of these people who aren’t interested in learning can be quite annoying. It matters that you will be paid while they are idly idling away their time.

However, the majority of students take their studies seriously, and if you establish a strong rapport with them, they will buy from you frequently.

How Much Money Can You Earn?

When compared to the majority of other online income opportunities, some claim to make around $8 per hour on average.

Depending on the season, it’s also possible to make significantly less money. There may be few or no priority hours available at times. The busy season is usually during the holidays.


Only PayPal is accepted for Cambly’s weekly payments.

Cambly Reviews: Is Cambly Legit or a Scam?

Most businesses have both enthusiastic supporters and detractors. Cambly is no exception… and their reviews reflect this.

There are both positive and negative reviews…

Is Cambly Legit or a Scam
Is Cambly Legit or a Scam
Is Cambly Legit or a Scam? – Reviews

The negative reviews highlight issues such as low pay, insufficient work, and what appears to be a policy complaint about locking inactive accounts… which I am insufficiently knowledgeable to comment on

In terms of low pay and a lack of work… Not all work-at-home opportunities are intended to be exclusive.

If you can make Cambly your sole source of income, that’s fantastic.

Being an independent contractor or freelancer, on the other hand, usually necessitates a shift in mindset from an employee mentality to an entrepreneurial mentality. Cambly is your client, and you are your own company (who you SELL tutoring services to).

A company can rarely survive with just one client. Cambly should be just one of many customers.

You can structure your schedule in the most profitable way if you have multiple income sources. Prioritize your higher-paying “clients” and spend your free time with others.

Cambly could be one of the others…

What I Like About Cambly: Is Cambly Legit or a Scam?

  • It’s a great way to meet people from all over the world while also getting paid.
  • The work is relatively simple if your English is good.
  • No prior experience is required.
  • Work schedule flexibility

What I Don’t Like

  • Support takes a long time to respond (for example, some have reported waiting weeks to get back into a locked account).
  • The pay isn’t great.
  • Cambly lacks a face and personality (the owners and staff are absent), which frequently results in a lack of accountability.

Final Thoughts: Is Cambly Legit or a Scam?

If you’re a full-time freelancer or simply looking for a side gig… Cambly is an excellent company with which to collaborate.

Cambly will not work as your sole source of income unless your income requirements are low… They could, however, be one of them.

Finding an online “job” to make a decent living is difficult. It can also be stressful if you need the money.

Depending on your reasons for wanting (or needing) to work from home, whether it’s for health reasons, children, or simply a bad economy… If your financial situation is uncertain, you will spend far too many nights awake, worrying.

You definitely want peace of mind, and earning money online can provide it, but it takes some research and thinking “outside the box.” I’ve been there as well… and I can tell you…

It’s possible…

The Best Cambly Alternative for Making Passive Income With Online Business

First and foremost, congrats and thanks for reading my Cambly review. I hope I’ve provided you with enough information on this program.

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So, how exactly does it work?

It’s simple. All you have to do is start a blog (website), look for things you enjoy, join affiliate programs, take your affiliate link, bring traffic to your site, and recommend the same products to people on the internet.

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Please contact me if you require assistance or have any questions.

And don’t forget to tell your friends and family about my Cambly review!

What do you think?

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