How to Start Affiliate Marketing With No Money
How to Start Affiliate Marketing With No Money


How to Start Affiliate Marketing With No Money?

How to start affiliate marketing with no money? If you want to know if you can start affiliate marketing without an audience, the answer is yes, and you can be successful at it even if you don’t have any.

Even if they have no social media following, many affiliate marketers are nevertheless quite successful. The reality is that generating affiliate sales via social media is only one of many possible approaches.

Without a following, this post will teach you the most frequent strategies to become successful in affiliate marketing.

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Different Ways To Start Affiliate Marketing Without An Audience Social Media Platform

How to Start Affiliate Marketing With No Money
How to Start Affiliate Marketing With No Money

Utilizing social media sites like Facebook and Instagram is one of the most efficient ways to engage in affiliate marketing when compared to other methods, such as maintaining a blog.

In point of fact, Facebook is the most popular social media network in the world, and Instagram is among the top five platforms in this category.

These two social media platforms are often regarded as the most effective in the field of affiliate marketing. Twitter may be useful on occasion, but it is not very useful for affiliate marketing or for those seeking to establish themselves as influencers.

Choosing a specific market segment to focus on before diving into affiliate marketing on social media platforms has shown to be the most successful method. Take for instance the fact that you want to have a conversation about company and web marketing. If this is the case, you may start an Instagram account or a Facebook page to provide your best advice, methods, and tactics for online business and marketing.

You may simply target a certain set of people, build a significant following, and establish your reputation if you consistently update the material that is hosted on the platform over time.

You may cultivate a sizable following by participating in live conversations and comment threads with members of your target demographic. Using this method, you can also set up a Facebook group just for the people who are in your target demographic.

By continually adding value to the lives of your target audience, whether via the provision of informative content or amusing them, you will, over time, earn the status of an influencer among them.

After that, you’ll be able to start suggesting highly relevant affiliate items to the audience you’re trying to reach.

Your audience knows who you are and what you do; they trust and believe in you; and if the product is excellent and solves their problem, they will definitely buy it from you. This will increase the number of affiliate product sales and conversions you have because your audience knows who you are and what you do.

This method is far more effective than putting affiliate links and other content at random on your social networking platform, where no one knows who you are; yet, it is a time-consuming procedure that pays off in the long run.

Obtain organic traffic (SEO)

How to Start Affiliate Marketing With No Money
How to Start Affiliate Marketing With No Money – SEO

If you don’t want to use social media to make money via affiliate marketing, the most straightforward method to do it is through organic search traffic.

It is true that ranking for competitive, affiliate-friendly keywords such as “what is affiliate marketing” requires a lot of time and work, but there are a few specific benefits to doing so, including the following:

To get organic traffic, you don’t even need to have any influence at all. It is possible for anybody to develop content that is both useful and educational, and have that material rank well in search engines like Google.

There is no charge for any of the traffic that you bring in. In contrast to sponsored traffic, you are free to keep the whole of your affiliate commission without having to take into consideration any expenses associated with direct marketing.

Once the traffic begins to come, it does not leave. You will, without a doubt, find it necessary to update and maintain the relevance of your website. On the other hand, if you do this, you will be able to keep receiving organic traffic while putting in very little work.

If you want to depend on traffic from organic search results, there is no need that you to construct your affiliate company around a particular persona. Your website’s design and content might be rather a standard fare.

One advantage is that you will be able to sell your affiliate company far more rapidly than if you were a social media star. This is a significant advantage. After all, the worth of the firm is determined entirely by the content and not by the person who is behind it.

You are going to require a website in order to obtain visitors from organic search results. WordPress was the platform of choice for the development of each of my websites. 

WordPress is a platform that is easy to use, completely free, and flexible. To get started, all you need to do is choose a web hosting company, register a domain name, and install WordPress on your website.

After that, you are free to start writing. Here are a few examples of content styles that have proven to be effective in affiliate marketing:

Product comparisons:  This article presents a side-by-side comparison of a few (or more) different items. They often take the form of something like this: “greatest sound system for your house.” Because you don’t need to be an expert on any of the items to be able to create an essay like this, the structure is straightforward and easy to master.

Product evaluation:  Dedicated to a single item for sale, Describes the product in great depth while weighing the merits, highlighting both its positive and negative aspects.

How-to manuals:  Contains instructions on how to carry out a certain task, such as developing a website from the ground up. After that, you are able to put affiliate links anywhere you see fit within the text, such as when you are discussing the process of setting up web hosting. It might be challenging to be successful in affiliate marketing while also depending on organic search. Before getting started, I strongly suggest that you do some study using various sites, such as this website.

Although not everyone can become an influential figure on social media, everyone may publish material that is helpful and provides an answer to a search query. 

Because of this, anybody who is ready to put in the work may become a successful affiliate marketer by depending on search traffic to drive their customers to their websites.


Buy Traffic: How to Start Affiliate Marketing With No Money

Getting organic traffic from keywords that are lucrative may be a slow and laborious process. This might take many months or perhaps several years. If you don’t want to wait this long, you may pay someone to drive traffic to your affiliate website.

This is far simpler to say than it is to do. Even while you can purchase traffic instantaneously via platforms such as Google Ads, turning these efforts into successful endeavors is a whole other ballgame. 

In point of fact, the only way this tactic will be successful for you is if you market high-ticket affiliate items and have successfully negotiated a one-of-a-kind contract with the manufacturer to obtain greater affiliate commissions.

Let’s say you’re trying to sell customers a smartphone cover that costs twenty dollars and is available on The difference between Amazon’s starting and average commission rates is now just a few percentage points. 

Therefore, the commission you make from the sale of a $20 mobile cover will only be a few dollars at most. As soon as you start paying for visitors to come to your website, you’ll know very quickly that the numbers don’t make sense.

However, the majority of an affiliate marketer’s earnings come from sponsored traffic, and this is the case for some of the most successful affiliate marketers. If you advertise the appropriate product at the correct commission rate with properly paid traffic campaigns, this course of action has the potential to be quite successful.

Email Marketing

How to Start Affiliate Marketing With No Money
How to Start Affiliate Marketing With No Money – Email Marketing

Affiliate marketing may also be done via email marketing, which includes sending emails to individuals in order to promote a product or service. This is a fast and easy method to generate money, and it does not need the creation of a blog.

You may be wondering because I don’t have a blog, how I can gather email addresses in order to send them out later.

It is possible to collect email addresses and build an email list without ever launching a blog by utilizing social media platforms, landing page tools, and providing free valuable resources such as ebooks, hosting webinars, and many other methods. There are many different ways to collect email addresses and build an email list.

You may gather and receive email addresses from your target audience by utilizing popular email providers like MailChimp to collect and obtain those email addresses.

Try adding a bit more value by offering more information about the product and establishing the audience’s confidence and credibility rather than instantly pitching your email list to audience affiliate product mailings. This may be done by providing additional details about the product.

Because of this, you will be able to build connections with your audience, earn their confidence, and look less spammy.

If you do so at the beginning, you will eventually be able to email your audience and pitch affiliate items, which will allow you to make money without having to launch a blog.

You need to be very particular about the sort of audience you want to target, just as you would be on social media. To do this, choose a niche that is of interest to you and about which you have information that you can offer to others.

Digital Publishing

Publishing your blog or material on huge content publishing sites like Medium, which has over 100 million monthly visitors, is another well-liked approach to affiliate marketing that does not need an audience to be successful.

You may, in point of fact, bring in some extra cash by including affiliate links in blog pieces that you then go on to publish on social networking networks like LinkedIn.

Returning to Medium is a website that provides users with a platform on which they can rapidly join up, make an account, and start publishing blog entries within a couple of minutes. It is possible to swiftly compose blog entries regarding product evaluations and include affiliate links in such blogs.

As a result of the widespread usage of the Medium publishing platform, the large number of individuals who log in to the forum on a monthly basis, and the fact that Medium has a high ranking in Google search results for a variety of different keywords,

Affiliate marketing on free content publishing services like Medium might bring in a significant amount of revenue for your business.


Final Thoughts

In this post, I presented a variety of approaches that may lead to success in affiliate marketing even in the absence of an audience.

Many affiliate marketers conduct their business in complete secrecy and provide an image that is diametrically opposed to that of an enormous social media following and audience.

Check out my training course on affiliate marketing to learn more about how to build an affiliate website from the ground up, and use the knowledge you get from these courses.

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  1. I wish I had seen this article just after I retired.  I was looking for a way to supplement my retirement and finding it difficult.  I ended up starting an affiliate marketing business.  You are correct.  It is the only way to start an online business for free.  Classes and free websites are available.  Even the social networking can be built without much charge.  The main thing, as you have pointed out, is to decide on a target audience and a product or service to be offered.  I would encourage anyone would reads this article to follow the advice and begin an online business without expense.

  2. I love this article on how to start affiliate marketing with no money – it’s so helpful for people who are just getting started and might not have a lot of resources to invest upfront. The author gives some really practical tips, like starting with a free blog and using social media to promote affiliate products. It’s great to see that there are ways to get started in affiliate marketing without having to spend a lot of money, and I think this article will be really valuable for people who are just starting out. Thanks for sharing these helpful tips!

  3. This is some fantastic tips on affiliate marketing. I am relatively new in my affiliate marketing journey, so many of your points were very helpful and detailed. I think a pitfall many like myself may have is focus. Sometimes it is difficult to stay focused and set short term and long term goals for their business. Do you have any advice on this? 

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