How To Increase Amazon Affiliate Sales
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How to Increase Amazon Affiliate Sales: Tips And Proven Ways

Amazon has reached unparalleled heights, and its sales have transcended all bounds. Although it does not market its services on television or billboards, affiliate websites that earn from successful conversions conduct a substantial percentage of the promotion. With that in mind, there are proven ways how to increase Amazon affiliate sales.

While the compensation portion on each transaction varies by category, most affiliate websites do well by advertising a single product category. Here are the best techniques to boost your Amazon affiliate revenue with smart marketing strategies:


How To Increase Amazon Affiliate Sales?

1. Give honest and accurate feedback

Remember that not all items are perfect, so keep this in mind as you write your reviews. When a product has defects or seems inferior or cheap, you should mention it. It builds credibility and trust.

One of the most effective methods is to add a “Pros and Cons” section for each product. You can explain why a product lacks certain features or has flaws.

Give honest and accurate feedback

Writing nasty comments about a product that you want prospective purchasers to acquire is paradoxical. However, honesty regarding the product will usually overcome unfavorable features.

It is preferable to provide an accurate explanation and let visitors determine what is best for them. A red sign is when a review site asserts that all of the goods are wonderful and promotes them. It seems implausible and lowers your website’s trust.

2. Make use of the Amazon Associates International Programs.

There are 14 Amazon stores across the world, each with 12 products and an Amazon Associates program.

Most websites will receive foreign traffic, and redirecting those users to the appropriate Amazon shop is straightforward. You’ll be most interested in seven stores, while the other five Amazon Associates programs have peculiarities.

The following are the seven countries:

How to Increase Amazon Affiliate Sales
  • The United States
  • Italy
  • France
  • Germany
  • Spain
  • The United Kingdom
  • Canada

Regulations and limitations in China, Japan, India, Brazil, and Mexico make it more difficult to start up, such as the necessity that you have a bank account in the corresponding nation. Unless your site obtains visitors from certain nations, that’s excessively expensive, so let’s concentrate on the others.

Amazon Australia and Amazon Netherlands are the two digital retailers that do not have affiliate marketing programs. Examine your Google Analytics traffic to determine how many overseas visitors come to your website.

It’s a no-brainer to use Genius Link to quickly manage foreign visitors and route them to the proper Amazon Storefront based on their region.

3. Experiment with different CTAs.: How to Increase Amazon Affiliate Sales?

People are drawn to different parts of a website. It might be due to the design, theme, color palette, specialty, or anything else.

It is good to experiment with numerous strategies to persuade users to visit Amazon. Buttons are visually appealing and may make a website stand out by choosing contrasting or vibrant colors.

A prospective customer wants to view the actual thing so that they may visualize themselves having it. Use this urge to your advantage by providing a link to Amazon on the product picture.

Experiment with different CTAs.

You should also experiment with a text version in a different color and with a greater font size.

4. Utilize Comparison Tables.

Tables are a great method to convey extensive information in a little amount of space. Tables, in other words, are the greatest method to compare items and provide buying guidance.

On Amazon, there is no better place to learn about conversions. Check out their GoPro Hero vs. GoPro Hero comparison chart.

How to Increase Amazon Affiliate Sales

For ideas on what to place on your tables, look at Amazon’s product pages and the manufacturer’s website. They generally have well-thought-out comparison tables.

I integrated data to produce tables that beat both Amazon’s and the manufacturers. Be unique, yet don’t be scared to make comparisons.

Another thing we can learn from Amazon is what other things users look at and purchase. On your product review pages, you may mention and link to similar items.

Sometimes it’s clear, such as microSD cards for a GoPro, but there are generally numerous related things to choose from, and Amazon is the ideal place to start. They’ve done all of the efforts for you, making research a breeze.

How to Increase Amazon Affiliate Sales

Amazon is the king of upsells and conversions, but there’s no reason you can’t utilize their market research to create content for your website.

6. Product videos should be included.

People want to see how things appear, and video is the best method to do so. Fortunately, most YouTube videos may be embedded on other websites. This is because the default option permits embedding for each YouTube video posted.

A user must manually update the video settings to disable embedding. This makes including videos in your material a breeze.

7. Utilize High-Quality Header Images

On the top websites, high-quality photos and graphics are typical. Furthermore, websites with low reliability and negative ratings rarely feature appealing photographs.

If your website has high-quality photographs, you will be put in the high-quality tier.

If you can snap images, it’s an even better method to stand out. Your site will include photographs that no one else has, establishing it as a trustworthy review site.

8. Don’t give your customers too many alternatives.

Too many options may be overwhelming at times. In fact, this is one of the reasons someone can find up on your Amazon Affiliate specialized site where you review items.

Visitors may determine what to buy from Amazon using your website as a filter. As a result, it may be advisable to limit the number of alternatives available for a specific product category.

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9. Product Review Pages on Amazon: How to Increase Amazon Affiliate Sales?

Genuine customer reviews are one of the reasons Amazon has developed as a business. People are still eager to hear from product owners, who are the most prepared to give unbiased product reviews.

As a consequence, you will be able to connect to Amazon’s reviews page. People should be directed to the product’s review page. The main trick is to include a text link that reads:

If someone is thinking about buying a product, they should check genuine owner reviews on Amazon.

10. A/B testing should be done.

Testing techniques, as previously said, are the ideal practice since various niches react differently. Conversion rates within the same niche can, in fact, differ based on unrelated factors such as traffic sources.

As a result, testing one variable at a time, such as:

  • Text links as opposed to button links
  • Image links vs. text links
  • Text and calls to action vary.
  • Tables vs. unsorted lists

A/B testing is reasonably priced since most sites that do such testing have a large number of visitors, i.e., companies. It also takes some time to finish. For example, it took roughly two weeks to test one change for a page on one of my sites that receives almost 2,000 visitors each day.

Running A/B testing to evaluate what converts best is worthwhile if you have enough visitors.

11. Make certain to curate discounts.

There are huge websites out there that scour the internet for discounts and bargains and offer them for their visitors to see, such as They are usually affiliates of such websites, so when customers buy, they earn as well.

So you may do something similar by visiting Amazon on a weekly or monthly basis and looking for things that meet your niche that is being sold at a discount.

You may even have a separate “deals” page in your navigation menu to make it easier for visitors to locate.

Additionally, use an auto-responder provider to send a frequent deal alert email to guarantee that the individuals on your list get accustomed to coming to your site on a regular basis to find the greatest bargains on things they’re interested in.

12. Don’t forget the cheap deals.

While most people focus on higher-priced things, it is critical to not forget the low-priced items that consumers buy.

True, Amazon’s commission system has lately altered. Your commission rate is now determined by the category of the item sold rather than the number of products sold. This might increase the attraction of selling little products.

When you think about it, most major rivals are focused on consumers who purchase pricey products like gadgets, appliances, and so on.

While the individual commission on a $6 product is little, selling a few hundred $4 – $10 things on a monthly basis in addition to the high-money items raises your overall commission.

When it comes to low-cost items, certain keywords are usually required. One product may only pay you 30 cents, but if you sell 400 of them every month and uncover hundreds of keywords like that, you may earn a lot of affiliate income.

So, to optimize both volume and commissions, make sure you have a solid balance of cheap and high-priced items.

Final Thoughts: How to Increase Amazon Affiliate Sales?

Overall, maybe some of these suggestions will assist you in increasing your Amazon affiliate income. These little techniques might assist you in sending the greatest quantity of customers to Amazon.

You can just link visitors to the Amazon page and let Amazon handle the rest because Amazon has such great brand recognition and trust.


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  1. This is the exact article I have been waiting for someone to write Mr.success discussing how to increase Amazon affiliate sales. I look at and monitor my Amazon earnings constantly but can always use some tips on how to increase those sales and make more money for my search engine optimized website.

    These tips and proven ways will come in very helpful for anyone who finds themselves bogged down in the promises of affiliate marketing without reeping the expected success.

    Recommending related products and sort of networking outward from the original would seem to be a winning strategy.

  2. Great article. I have actually been struggling to increase online sales for my Amazon products. I check other platforms with little help. Your article makes it easier and clear for me to implement on my website. Great tips you have there. I will implement the proven pointers and definitely come back here to indicate if they worked for me or not

  3. Congratulations on being able what others pack into training courses of several parts and keep going on and on about one subject just to increase the word count of their training material. You have managed to pack the necessary steps of affiliate marketing in general and increasing Amazon affiliate sales in specific in one well organized piece.

    great stuff.

  4. I have been an Amazon affiliate for awhile now.  The suggestions to increase Amazon sales found in this article are really valuable.  I must admit that I have not done a lot of experimenting with different looks for my website or the affiliate links.  You have given a good reminder about checking links to make sure they work.  From time to time, a product is discontinued.  There are times I have neglected this important task.  Thanks for the tips.

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