Free Traffic Methods

Best Free Traffic Methods For Affiliate Marketing

You need to master free traffic methods to be successful online. There is no need to be concerned if you need to attract more visitors to your website or online business but cannot afford sponsored sources. Here’s a great list of free traffic methods you can employ.

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List of Free Traffic Methods You Need to Be Using

Free Traffic Methods

When it comes to traffic, no one hates having it naturally. When startups or small businesses cannot afford to pay for traffic. They must rely on free methods to make their brands known.

Although free traffic methods are free in terms of money. You must still put out sufficient work.

You may get free traffic from a variety of sources. However, because they are available to everyone. Their effectiveness varies.

To succeed, one must conduct a study on and master a variety of things.

Today, we will look at the greatest free traffic methods to assist you in driving more visitors to your website.

How to Choose the Best Free Traffic Methods for Your Audience

It may be tempting to follow the trendiest new trends in the hopes of profiting from the excitement. However, just because something is popular does not imply that you must base your business on it.

Matching your business to the proper platform generally results in long-term and consistent revenue. What exactly does the term “right” entail in this context? Here are a few questions to get you started:

  • What’s your niche? By researching your niche, you can decide where your content will have the most impact. Where does your target audience congregate? Once you’ve decided what you’re advertising. You’ll need to figure out who could be interested in your offer. Then, find out where that consumer is most likely to spend their online time.
  • What skills are required to show your product in the best possible light? This is decided not just by the offer you are advertising. But also by your personal talents. Choose a platform that will highlight your talents as well as the qualities of your offering.
  • Does the user culture support your business model? Even if two platforms offer identical functionality. They may encourage distinct behaviors. Text postings, for example, may be shared on both Linkedin and Twitter. But users are more hesitant to publish when they are linked with potential employers.
  • How will the algorithm (or modifications to the algorithm) affect your business? Remember that these platforms are typically managed by corporations concerned with their own bottom line. Different platforms rank material in their own ways. All are subject to algorithm adjustments.

Why Increase Website Traffic?

Some companies ask whether it is even necessary to have a website in the first place. In today’s environment, even brick-and-mortar companies must have a website. At the very least, potential consumers will get more acquainted with your company. However, it should be structured in such a way that people may enter your funnel and finally convert it into clients.

Your website’s traffic is a vital indicator as well as a driver of business success when you use this sort of website. It can assist you in the following ways:

  • Check the impact of your marketing.
  • To make decisions, gather information about your target audience.
  • Increase the credibility of your SEO and search engine results.
  • Increase lead generation, conversion rates, and client acquisition.

However, attaining these advantages necessitates attracting visitors to your website in the proper manner. As well as an emphasis on driving quality traffic, which is why this piece discusses tactics that will have an influence on your bottom line.

Quality Traffic vs. Free Traffic Methods

Traffic to your website helps to enhance your rank, which in turn produces more traffic. But you must ensure that the rise in traffic is accompanied by an increase in interaction. If your traffic is rising but your conversion rates are declining, you are not attracting the proper visitors.

There are several strategies to optimize your website for conversions, including placing calls to action and lead capture forms in strategic locations, delivering the information your visitors need and making navigation simple and intuitive. The first step, though, is to get the proper people to your site in the first place.

When it comes to website traffic, your objective is to generate more quality users for your site. That is, those who are most likely to become leads and customers.

What Are Free Traffic Methods Online?

Free Traffic Methods

A traffic source is a location from which visitors to your website can be obtained. In other words, it is the source of visits to your website, which can be free or paid for.

As a result, free traffic methods online are internet platforms that you can utilize to attract your target audience to your website for free.
There is no such thing as a free lunch. Yet free website traffic is available to you.

In fact, there are so many free traffic methods that it might be difficult to focus on just a few. It is critical to be selective since, while you do not need to spend money on these traffic sources. They do demand your time and attention succeed.

But bear in mind that “free” does not equal “easy.”

A solid content strategy entails more than just sprinkling links around the internet. To acquire a loyal audience, you must first select the ideal platform for your business. Then discover what makes that platform tick, and then produce excellent content.

Here’s a summary of some of the greatest ways to get continuous traffic from free sources.

Google’s Free Traffic Methods to Boost Website Visitors

You can use Google to increase the traffic to your website for free in a couple of ways.

1. Improve Your Free Google Business Profile

Did you know that an optimized Google business listing receives 7x the number of visitors as an unoptimized one? Remember that your listing includes a connection to your website. So this is an excellent method to increase visitors to your website.
Keep in mind that Google’s results pages are becoming increasingly intelligent. If your listing has all of the information a potential client requires to make a choice. They may bypass your website and contact/visit your business directly – which is preferable to a website visit!

Here are some more Google My Business features and perks that make it one of the finest sources of excellent website traffic.

Your Google page:

  • Is free and simple to start up.
  • Allows you to appear in searches related to your business and location.
  • Increases your visibility on a platform where consumers are interested in purchasing.
  • Brings quality visitors to your website and shop.
  • Allows consumers to provide reviews, which helps to increase your visibility.

Remember that Google My Business:

  • Allows your company to be found in mobile searches, which have overtaken desktop searches.
  • Uses images to give customers a feel of what it’s like to work at your company, reducing ambiguity, which is a key barrier to entry.
  • Allows searchers to interact with your company straight from your listing, boosting the possibilities of interaction and acquiring new clients.

Given the numerous advantages of having a Google My Business listing. You can’t afford to have one as a local business. Create your listing and keep it as up-to-date as possible.

2. Work On-Page SEO

There are several SEO strategies you may use on each of your website’s pages to improve their ranking in search engines and attract more users. This involves creating high-quality content that your target audience is looking for, as well as generating succinct meta descriptions for your sites.

In search results, the meta description shows beneath your URL. Knowing what a page is about and what will happen in a click increases the likelihood of users clicking. On-page SEO methods like these are free. But they do require time.

Search Engine Optimization is most likely the most effective and greatest source of free traffic. Ranking for a fantastic and competitive keyword will have a significant impact on your website or blog. Top search engine rankings imply that your website will receive more visits, which is beneficial to your business.

However, in order to be rated first, you must put in a lot of effort. You must verify that you fulfill all of the search engine procedure criteria. To rank higher on the different search engines. Your material should be original and of good quality.

Advantage of SEO as a free traffic method

One advantage of employing SEO as a free traffic method is that the visitors are highly targeted. As opposed to those through advertisements.

People that come to your website via Google, for example, are already interested in what you have to offer.

Google is the undisputed king of free traffic sources. And it’s no surprise, given that Google is by far the most popular search engine.

Google’s job is to offer the best possible answer to its consumers’ inquiries. To do this, Google employs a number of ranking criteria to determine which sites provide the most important information.

Now, if you truly want to acquire free visitors to your site from search engines. You’ll want your site to appear on the first page of search results (SERP).

Of course, doing this is no easy task-it requires a substantial amount of time, energy, and expertise. Fortunately for you, I have a couple of tricks up my sleeve that I’m going to reveal to you.

Reddit: Free Traffic Methods

When it comes to free traffic, Reddit may not be the first place that comes to mind, but it is a strong engine that may bring users to your affiliate website.

The nice thing about Reddit is, that it is frequently used to receive recommendations and assistance from other Redditors.

You may create continuous targeted traffic to your affiliate offerings by including links to your website in the comments. To make this work, you must include comments that offer value to the user while not appearing spammy.

Consider how I used Ahrefs to filter by “top pages” and then added a parameter to only include results containing the phrase “VPN.”

Take note of all the pages that appear that are now getting significant quantities of traffic from Google.

Free Traffic Methods

The first thing that springs to mind as a marketer is how to leverage these sites to bring visitors back to my site.

Free Traffic Methods

If I do a quick Google search for “best VPN Reddit,” the first page that comes up generates over 17K, monthly visitors, with a traffic value of $79K.

Free Traffic Methods

If we take a deeper look at that page. We can notice that the initial comments are filled with links that route users to an affiliate website that promotes the “best VPNs.”

Free Traffic Methods

This Reddit page most likely earns more than $30K a month in affiliate revenue.

How can Reddit be used to increase traffic?

Doesn’t it appear to be simple? Well, it can be if you locate the appropriate pages with the correct keywords and enough traffic to generate money.

I can find hundreds of examples of Reddit sites with cloaked affiliate links buried in the comments, or I can drive traffic to a website that is nothing more than a landing page for affiliate offers.

As an affiliate marketer, any site that employs extremely precise categories will be your greatest buddy.

You may participate in any particular subreddit by becoming an active member and sharing your material. Keep in mind that each subreddit has its own set of rules and may have limits on things like YouTube videos. So make sure to read the guidelines thoroughly.

SEO refers to the process of optimizing your website in accordance with Google’s ranking parameters in order for it to appear in a Google search. If you’re new to SEO, I strongly advise you to use a program like SurferSEO to assist you in simply optimize your content.

To properly comprehend the concept of SEO, you will need to conduct an extensive study. That being stated, I’ll provide some SEO tips to get you started on the correct path.

Here are some short SEO tips:

  • If you haven’t already, start a blog for your website.
  • Learn how to do keyword research and include relevant terms in your writing.
  • Select a micro-niche within a well-known category. This allows you to establish topical authority on a certain issue, which increases your chances of ranking on Google.
  • Make certain that you are giving high-quality information that correctly answers a query.
  • Include both internal and authoritative external links.
  • Use eye-catching pictures to break up your article.

Pinterest & Tailwind Tribes: Free Traffic Methods

You may have been aware that Pinterest is a fantastic traffic source and one of the greatest free traffic sources for bloggers.

Pinterest is one of the most effective visual search engines available. As well as one of the most important free traffic sources. Pinterest is wonderful since it has many of the same capabilities as a social media app. But it also allows you to rank on Google, similar to Reddit.

If you make a Pin that a lot of people find valuable. It could show up in a Google search result. This method, of course, works best if your material lends itself to visuals.

Cooking, gardening, fashion, home design, and DIY are some of the most popular themes on this social media platform. If you fit into one of these or a comparable niche, this might be a fantastic method to drive visitors to your site.

How can Pinterest be used to increase traffic?

The first step in using Pinterest as a free traffic generator is to create a Pinterest account. If you have a product selling website. You might think about opening a Pinterest shop as well.

The key to using Pinterest to drive traffic to your website is to connect your new blog articles to your Pins. This is a really easy process.

Consider the following example:

Free Traffic Methods

In the above example, you can see that ‘kitchen remodel ideas’ receives around 25k monthly searches.

Free Traffic Methods

You may put a link right in the post when making a new Pin. When someone clicks on that Pin. They will be given the option of clicking on an outbound link that will lead them to your website.

You may also use this approach to connect directly to a product on your website as an alternative.

Tailwind Tribes For Generate Traffic

However, because Tailwind Tribes is a relatively new software feature, you may not have heard of it.

Tailwind is a web-based tool for managing your Pinterest account. Tribes were developed by Tailwind to assist its clients in collaborating and collaborating to expand their reach.

A Tailwind Tribe is just a collection of people in the same niche who wish to collaborate on Pinterest to share each other’s content. A snapshot of the Tribes tab in Tailwind is shown below:

Free Traffic Methods

Each Tribe has a large number of people.

Each Tribe member may also contribute material (their Pinterest pins) to the Tribe and nominate them for others to share.

Other Tribe members are expected to follow suit, and everyone in the Tribe is expected to share each other’s pins by pinning them to their own Pinterest profiles and sharing them with their followers.

My Pins have touched almost 100 million people since I joined Tribes in January 2017! That reach has immediately resulted in a rise in visitors and email subscribers, according to my Google Analytics:

Free Traffic Methods

That’s the power of Tailwind Tribes and Pinterest!

Tribes are quite similar to Pinterest group boards, however, the actual power of Tribes is in the data Tailwind delivers.

You can check the re-share numbers on each Pin in the Tribe as a Tribe member. This information is incredibly useful in determining which Pin designs and headlines perform best.

For Pinterest advertisers, tribes are a game-changer! If you aren’t already utilizing Tribes to develop your blog, you can sign up for a free trial of Tailwind.

Tailwind Tribes is without a doubt one of the greatest free traffic generators that can be set up fast and do not take a significant amount of time.

Quora: Free Traffic Methods

Quora, like Reddit, is a question-and-answer site where people exchange and seek information on a variety of topics. It is a community in which everyone on the platform contributes in order to provide value to others.

With Quora, their links rank better in search engines, which guarantees you more visitors.

When you put a query into Google. For example, Quora articles are more likely to show on the first page. Join the group and take advantage of this wonderful community to improve the traffic to your website.

Is Quora free traffic top quality?

In terms of time spent on my website, Quora traffic beats other routes. Suggesting that the material is extremely relevant and targeted:

Free Traffic Methods

So, how does Quora work, and what are some suggestions for getting traffic from it?

You must develop a strong profile, complete with comprehensive information, a profile photo, and so on. This will increase your perceived authority.

Then you just go discover questions in the themes of your choice that you’d want to answer. When you post your response. It will appear on the page containing the question.

Pages containing inquiries frequently rank high on Google’s Page 1 and receive a lot of traffic. You are permitted to link to your material. But you must be cautious and follow a few guidelines to avoid being blacklisted.

A concise, to-the-point summary that answers the specific topic asked is the sort of answer that works extremely well. If you post a nice response, 8 times out of 10. The reader will visit your site to see what other content you have.

Your response should not be sales-y or full of links. Quora moderators and users can see through this type of advertising and spam. You will eventually be banned.

Remember: if you repeatedly post the same response, or if you include too many links. You may be blacklisted or banned.

Free Traffic Methods

As you can see, Quora is a very effective traffic generator. If you haven’t already, you should absolutely use one of the free traffic sources in the future.

Post to Social Media: Free Traffic Methods

Social media is one of the most popular free marketing platforms available. It may help drive visitors to your website. Use social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn to promote blog articles and other helpful pages on your website.

If you post shareable material, you may convert your social media followers into website visitors and drive traffic from their networks.

Creating useful content is free and not as difficult as it may appear. You are medium authority on your product or service; your duty is to make it understandable to your audience.


Instagram has become a virtual living room, with 1 billion monthly users. The platform can accommodate the entire family, from young tweens to moms, fathers, and even grandmas. The platform’s average age has increased, and half of the American people aged 30-49 have active profiles.

Instagram users are interested to buy.

It’s a running joke that if you want something badly enough. The Instagram algorithm will give it to you in the guise of an ad. The platform is highly precise at giving its users what they want to view, making it an excellent way to reach your target demographic.

The main disadvantage is that, with so many users on the site. It has become a bit cluttered, making it difficult to stand out. If you can gain more followers organically, you can stand out.


You can expect that if there is an international event, a new movie, or a humorous meme. Twitter will be the first to know about it. Although there are just 262 million members on this platform. It is one of the most active sites on the internet.

And people are open to companies getting in on the fun. The only caveat is that it must be done correctly. Twitter users do not want to be sold to; instead, they want to be engaged with. On the platform, humor, memes, and heated takes perform well. Simply posting your link isn’t going to cut it.

Twitter threads are another technique to promote links.

Threads are collections of tweets that are connected together. Adding your link to the end of a Twitter thread (rather than the initial tweet) improves the likelihood that the algorithm will boost your tweets and people will share your ideas.


TikTok is one of the more recently social networking applications. But it has swiftly acquired traction. TikTok is mostly a video app. Therefore you must be comfortable with visual material.

TikTok videos are far shorter than those on YouTube. In reality, the time limit for a TikTok video is only 60 seconds.

The key to successful TikTok content marketing is getting the viewer to watch the full video. Of course, this necessitates the creation of extremely interesting, informative, and amusing material.

The nice thing about TikTok is that it is frequently easier to build a following than on other social media platforms. If you have a talent for creating videos. This may be the tool for you.

How might TikTok help you get more traffic?

The first question you should ask is whether your target audience is on TikTok. Teenagers and young adults are the primary users of this social networking platform.

So, if you know your target audience is between the ages of 17 and 34. You’ll have a lot greater chance of succeeding on TikTok.

The first thing you need to understand about TikTok is that it is all about trends and challenges. Because these trends change so frequently. It can be difficult to keep up.

Having said that, participating in a TikTok challenge may be a smart method to get Tiktok followers rapidly. Once you’ve established a following. You may begin driving them to your website.

Youtube: Free Traffic Methods

I’m sure you’re familiar with the prominent social media website YouTube. This video platform is one of the most effective methods to drive visitors to your website and boost your chances of ranking in organic search results.

Furthermore, video content is a fantastic approach to increase audience involvement and generate quality leads.

Starting a YouTube channel might be scary. But you can get started with very little equipment. In fact, you can get started with only an iPhone camera and a low-cost tripod.

How can you use YouTube to increase your traffic?

When it comes to YouTube. You may now be as creative as you want. However, you may utilize these concepts to generate some great video content ideas.

Starting a YouTube channel may seem out of reach if you’re an affiliate marketer on a tight budget. Fortunately, you do not need to immediately invest in a costly filmmaking setup.

YouTube is one of my favorite ways to create free traffic since all you need is a phone. You can really start a YouTube channel using your phone camera.

YouTube is beneficial to affiliate marketers for a variety of reasons. I created a whole post about how to perform YouTube affiliate marketing on a shoestring budget.

Aside from being low- or no-cost. It also allows you to get your movies indexed on Google. This will provide you with some of that coveted Google traffic as well as organic YouTube traffic.

If you provide useful tutorials, guidelines, or reviews, your video may appear in relevant Google search results, giving you additional visibility.

Guides, reviews, comparisons, and unboxing videos are all examples of content that affiliate marketers may generate to demonstrate their products and services. Then, in the description underneath, you can include affiliate links.

As with any type of content marketing, you must develop high-quality material that is focused on a certain niche.

Technology, beauty, fashion, gaming, fitness, and education are some of the most successful YouTube categories.

LinkedIn: Free Traffic Methods

If you simply use Linkedin as a digital résumé. You’re losing out on a vast ocean of opportunities. Despite the fact that 700 million individuals have accounts, just 1% of users frequently publish on the site. This implies that if you publish something other than a “new job” post, you will easily stand out. Linkedin provides a one-of-a-kind opportunity since there are more potential consumers than content providers.

Linkedin users only scroll for 7 or 8 minutes per day on average. But this is likely to increase as the platform encourages posts with initiatives such as Top Sales Influencers of the Year.

Medium: Free Traffic Methods

Medium is an online publisher with a plethora of options for bloggers. Writing for Medium, like guest posting, gives you access to a larger audience.

Medium already has a built-in audience. So you can expect to reach a sizable number of readers.

This is where traffic to your site comes in: you may include blog links in your Medium article. You may now include YouTube videos in your Medium post.

Contributing to Medium is completely free and can be done in a few easy steps:

  1. Write a meaningful blog post.
  2. Allow enough time for an editor to evaluate and approve your work.
  3. Your article will be suggested to relevant Medium users once it has been approved.

Other Free Traffic Methods for Increasing Website Visitors

Here are some more methods you may do to boost the traffic to your website.

1. Guest Posts

Collaborating with other content providers in your area is an excellent method to drive traffic to your website. As we all know, affiliate marketing is all about reaching the proper audience.

Guest posting is not only free. But it is also beneficial to both you and the individual with whom you are cooperating. It broadens your reach to a larger audience while offering great material to another blogger.

For example, the post you are currently reading is a guest post. I have included a link to my website to increase the value of this piece.

If you want to start guest blogging for free, follow these steps:

  1. Investigate blogs in your niche or related areas that publish high-quality material.
  2. To find out if they welcome guest articles, send them an email or use their contact form.
  3. You can send your proposal to the site after you hear back from them.
  4. If your pitch is accepted, you can start working on your guest article.

You may discover that trading guest articles become more natural as you make more relationships in your area.

To improve these opportunities, as always, focus on networking and creating relationships.

How can you use guest blogging to boost traffic?

If you’ve never attempted guest posting before. You may wondering where to begin. The fact is that there is no secret formula for obtaining a guest post. The most effective method is simply manual outreach.

Now, before you contact any blog. You should have a good understanding of what that site is all about. Examine how frequently they include guest authors and whether those pieces include hyperlinks to the writer’s website.

Some websites even feature a form particularly for those interested in guest posting. It’s also a good idea to write for websites that value high-quality material.

If everything seems fine. You may send them an outreach email to get things started. In general, make your outreach email brief and straightforward. Inform them that you’d want to create a blog article for them and why you’re competent to do so.

Email Marketing

Email marketing is one of the most underutilized methods for increasing organic traffic and increasing audience retention. This digital marketing approach entails creating an email list that you will utilize to promote your most recent content.

As a side note, audience retention is a huge role in organic traffic. So don’t forget to pay attention to your current visitors. Email marketing, in the same spirit, is a very successful marketing strategy for developing a devoted following.

Sending out frequent newsletters and pushing deals via email is a wonderful method to remain in contact with your consumers while also increasing traffic to your website. Provide relevant information and connections to places on your website where customers may learn more, such as blog articles and landing pages for specific offers.

Just make sure you aren’t constantly bombarding your readers with emails, or they will disengage, delete, or unsubscribe from your emails.

Also, consider your email subject lines carefully. These have a significant impact on whether or not a person opens your email. If your emails are never opened, they cannot drive traffic to your website!

How can email marketing be used to increase traffic?

Fortunately for all of us, leveraging email marketing as a traffic source is a rather straightforward process. All you have to do is put an opt-in form on your website that asks users to join their email addresses on your list.

You may already have an email list opt-in form in place, but you’re not seeing much success with it. If this is the case, there are a few methods you may use to get the visitor to join up.

Using a lead magnet is one of the most effective methods to grow your email list. A lead magnet is a marketing phrase that refers to a free item or service that a visitor receives in return for signing up.
You may use the following common lead magnets to grow your email list:

  • Small eBook
  • Report on Analytics
  • Coupon code
  • Templates already created
  • Complete guide
  • Pre-recorded webinar

Get Identified in Online Directories

Getting included in free online directories and review sites is another strategy to drive traffic to your website. Because your profile on most of these sites will include a link to your website, frequently updating these listings and receiving favorable evaluations is likely to result in increased website traffic.

Furthermore, several directories, such as Yelp, have high domain authority on Google. There’s a chance your company’s free Yelp page may rank high for related searches.

A backlink is a link from another website to yours. Backlinks from related firms or industry leaders will not only increase the visibility of your company but will also deliver quality visitors to your website.

Furthermore, Google detects backlinks and will boost its trust in your company if it notices other trustworthy websites referring to yours. More Google trust leads to higher ranks, which leads to more visitors. Quality backlinks will help you get recognized on Google for free.

Add Hashtags into Your Posts

By including hashtags in articles promoting your website pages and blog posts, you may go beyond your network and be discovered by individuals searching for your products and services. The more people that click on your links, the more free traffic you’ll get to your website.

Utilize Landing Pages

Landing pages are yet another free way to drive visitors to your website. These are sites dedicated to your offerings, such as redeeming a coupon code, downloading a free guide, or beginning a free trial. They provide the information users require in order to proceed and convert, as well as focus on one single call to action, increasing the likelihood that it will occur.

Because landing pages are so precise, you can be very particular with your messaging, driving traffic (and conversions) to those pages.

Aim Long-Tail Keywords

While short-tail keywords are commonly searched, ranking for them on search engines is more challenging. Long-tail keywords, on the other hand, increase your chances of ranking higher (even on the first page) for searches related to your products and services – and greater ranking equals more visitors.

Furthermore, as search engines and voice search capabilities improve, individuals are searching for increasingly precise terms online. Many free tools are available to assist you in finding keywords to target, such as WordStream’s free keyword finder.

Start engaging Online

Being involved in online forums and on websites related to your business and community is free — and it helps you get more traffic. Comment on blogs and social media postings, respond to inquiries and join conversations about your business. The more you participate in your community, the more exposure and profile visitors you will receive.

If you include a link to your website on your social media pages, you’ve converted your interaction into another source of website traffic.

Just remember to interact in a polite and honest manner, and avoid putting links to your website in your comments to avoid appearing spammy and harming your online and company reputation. Increased traffic should not be the primary objective of your involvement, but rather a result.

Learn from Your Analytics

Google Analytics is completely free to use, and the information it provides can help you generate more visitors to your website. Use tracked links in your marketing activities and monitor your website statistics on a regular basis.

This will allow you to determine which tactics and types of material work, which need to be improved, and which should be avoided.

Paid Google advertising is an excellent method to get visitors to your website who are looking for the services you offer.

You pay Google Ads to have your website (typically a landing page) appear at the top of search results for specific keywords. When a query using such keywords is submitted, Google examines all accounts bidding on those keywords and displays and ranks the paid results based on the quality and relevancy of the advertising.

Paid search results appear first, at the top of the results pages. This type of exposure is an excellent way to drive more qualified visitors to your website. You also only pay when someone clicks on your ad.

Google Maps Advertising

You can also set settings through the Google Ads network to have your company appear at the top of Google Maps search results. As with typical paid search advertising, there will be a notice next to your listing indicating that it is a sponsored result, but the visibility gained by being at the top is priceless.

Other Paid Methods of Increase Website Traffic

Social media advertisements, display ads, and retargeting ads are all effective online advertising techniques for increasing website visitors.

Advertising on Social Media

While search advertising pays to appear at the top of relevant search results, social media advertising pays to appear in relevant feeds. Both types of advertising allow you to define the sort of audience in front of whom you want to appear, but social media enables superior targeting due to greater psychographic data.

Display Advertising

Display advertising are branded banner advertisements that appear on related websites. If you are a fitness company and your ad is on a page regarding sports equipment, your ad is likely to attract relevant traffic to your website.


Retargeting advertisements can show on websites or in social media feeds. They are shown to visitors who have previously visited your site once and are thus more likely to return.

Avoid Quick Website Traffic Generators

There is such a thing as free website traffic, but there is no magic button or gadget that creates it without your involvement. If you are thinking about using an automatic internet traffic generator (paid or free) for your business, here are three reasons why you should avoid it:

Automatic Website Traffic Generators Can Be Harmful to Your Rankings

Google can identify spammy conduct, detects surges in traffic, and analyzes how people interact with your website. Using an automated traffic bot or generator is likely to attract the wrong type of attention from Google, harming your reputation and, as a result, your ranking.

Your visitors will not be targeted.

The ultimate goal of increasing the number of individuals who engage with (and ideally become clients of) your business by increasing the amount of visitors to your website and ranking better on Google. If your visitors aren’t targeted, they’re less likely to connect with your website, and your lead and conversion rates are more likely to suffer.

Your Website Might Be Banned

If your website receives bot traffic, you risk being blacklisted from online advertising networks or, worse, being deleted from Google. It’s not worth it to buy cheap website traffic! Take the effort to create high-quality, long-term traffic to your website.

As previously said, increasing traffic to your website is pointless if those users are unlikely to connect with your pages, convert into leads, or become customers. Increasing the number of visitors to your website does not happen overnight. It requires work, but the amount of effort you put in will be proportional to the quality of traffic you create.

Plus, we’ve taken care of the difficult part for you: deciding what to do in the first place.

You can obtain the proper people to your site and, more crucially, more of those visits to convert into buyers by using Google My Business and the other secure routes described above.

Final Advice on Free Traffic Methods

Getting your website out there does not have to be costly. You can see from this article that it is feasible to increase your site’s chances of being discovered in an organic search without incurring any additional costs.

These website traffic sources can significantly increase your traffic and help you get started in the correct path.

Now, as with most effective approaches, these instruments necessitate some effort on your side.

There is no magic formula for overnight success. Having said that, if you stick to your approach, you will see actual results.

I hope you found this post to be helpful.

What do you think?

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  1. Great article about ways to get free traffic for affiliate marketing, because traffic is the deciding factor in becoming successful in this line of work.

    One major point you made that I agree with is the fact that traffic without intent is not what we should strive for. Instead, you want to create a great experience and entice interaction from the users, so there needs to be a certain level of research and thought put into your work when trying to drive free traffic to your sites.

    Without conversions, there is no money. This can be a bit of a trial and error stage for newbies, but all that work will definitely pay off when you start getting those highly sought after commissions from your free traffic.

  2. Great post! I have a question regarding using Reddit for free traffic. Would you use Reddit over other social media platforms like Instagram and Facebook? I ask this because I never really thought about Reddit being a hugely lucrative platform and have only used the more popular social media networks.

    • Thank you Michael for your comment. Yes of cause you can use Reddit for free traffic. But you need to create a subreddit in your Reddit account. you can share your post links directly in there.

  3. What would you say is the best app to use to increase your traffic? My traffic is pretty good right now but it could be better. Which social media platform should I focus on that will help me increase my traffic big time? I will be sure to share this article with friends and family 

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