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For your business to be online and ready to produce money, your domains & hosting for our affiliate website are crucial. The web address is the ‘domain.’ You enter this to find a webpage in your browser. My domain is You purchase a domain from a “registrar” and point to the host.

The area where you save your website files called “hosting.” You keep the content and images, your website database, and any other files that say that you have particular features on your site when somebody interacts. Hosting is bought by a “host.”

Domains cost roughly $15 per year, generally. The hosting is charged per month or you may pay a year in advance and receive a discount. Hosting for your website is between $5 and $250 a month. You’re likely going to want to check into the $10-$50 a month. In the hosting market, you certainly get what you pay for. Do not make the mistake I did as a novice by hosting a $5/month subscription. Please,

These services can be purchased from two separate firms or the same firm combined. Anyone visiting your site won’t understand the difference. Some folks simply want to work with a firm to keep it easy. Others enjoy each service and desire a superb host including a good domain registrar, in contrast to a medium-sized business in each other.

Selecting A Domain & Hosting For Your Affiliate Website


How To Select A Good Domain Name

One thing new affiliate marketers question me a lot about is how a decent domain name can be selected. When I started it too, it’s something that I concerned about.

Here are a number of recommendations and guidelines I have taken along the process. You absolutely influence how I pick my domains today, and I hope you can select a fantastic name for your website and company future.

Avoid numbers, dashes, Misspellings

The main concept behind these principles is that users on your website are prevented from becoming confused or difficult. If someone initially stumbles on your website, To communicate it to anyone requires quite a bit of effort.

Dashes are the same deal. is very straightforward. is suddenly a little awkward to say: Great dash Stuff dash 2 (number two, no, not T-W-O) dash Buy dot com. One dash is OK, but the rule of thumb is to not include more than one dash in your domain name.

The top three ranked domain extensions are:

  • .com
  • .org
  • .net

You may be seeing a .io or in the wild sometimes so they are all ok, I think, but certainly, ignore all those strange ones like .fun or .cool.

Exact matching domains against brands

The Exact Match Domains stands for EMD. This signifies that the domain name is your major keyword (more on keywords later) Examples can include top Whiskeyclubs and,, might be the contrast with brand examples.

EMDs ranked quite highly for the domain name for a period, back before years. would be incredibly good for the search term when someone put in the Google search.

This led to users overboard and creating a number of poor domains that were ranked among keywords. They were essentially gaming (including me). However, earlier this year Google’s algorithm was modified and many of these sites lost rank.

The niche marketing community was very struck by this. They started to say EMDs are no longer ranked, so Google would think you’re a spammer. This is not true. 

EMDs remain the same level as any other domain and I’ve seen more than a few of them ranking well for their phrase after the Google update has resolved their dust. It’s not a big matter, so that EMDs are based on my own experience could actually still be an advantage.

Why Select an Exact Match Domain

The benefit of EMD for your selected keyword is presumably that you are. If your domain name is low in competition and has a high traffic term, it might imply easy traffic, and many.

People will know what your website is all about quickly. it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out that you’re in the right place. in the proper location if you seek for a new free BPA water bottle for a coming hike trip and stumble on the Land on, and you might have to find where you are a few seconds.

A matter of seconds in the Online world, a click, a sales or a closed window could differ.

Why Select a Brand Domain

In many places and for many purposes, a brand may be used. It’s far more versatile, in theory. Since a brand name does not relate to a product or service alone, you may create anything that you desire. You may do that if you decide to start pushing items in the sector of winter sports and want to extend them to winter drinks. may either be a product evaluation site for winter sports or a website for winter sports and cocktails. Only one item can be

You may also be authorized to choose a brand name for your website. For your visitors, that is more a subtle effect. Once you have a personalized logo, obtain all the essential social media accounts and start posting and engaging in online communities, you’re not just a product but a brand name. In this case, there is a long-term strategy. is fairly uninteresting. may be following a fantastic logo and social networks! In Facebook and Twitter what brand would you trust?


About my domain name and my website

You might have noticed that my site defies all the aforementioned guidelines. I’m a rebel like that, LOL.

it’s a famous word. But when I first named the domain, I could not clearly say what I was doing with it. It’s a good example of how things can work out well, even if you break the rules, but please learn from my mistakes.

Besides this, select just a domain name with which you are delighted and make it function. You will. The worst case scenario is that later you change it with a redirect, that’s not a big deal.

New Affiliate Marketers Best Domain Choice

I feel that starting with a mixture of the two possibilities is a little better for a whole newbie! Brand your domain with keywords, I mean. If you wish to create a Podcasting website for microphones, it would be a good approach to get started with

Such domain kinds may be easily found and you may get extremely good keywords concurrently in your domain. For example, it is already taken with But and are likely still to be sold.

Just remember that you will not make or break your site with a fantastic domain name. It’s only the start. The material you produce is your website’s core and in future classes, we will be discussing this.

Where to purchase a domain

Godaddy is a popular place, but annoying about how much you sell. Moreover, they strive to make your first year cheap and quick and then highly costly every year thereafter. I purchased a domain of $0.99 a while back but every one year after that it cost me $20+. This is why I’m not dealing with them anymore.

Namecheap’s quite nice. The pricing is low and fairly reliable ($10 per year for .com).

I’m using another registrant at the bottom of this article I’ll tell you about. There are numerous reasons for using this registrant, but what I know most right now are:

  • Flat price: $15 per year without increases
  • Free privacy (costs 3-10 dollars in other places each year)
  • Free SSL certificates (costing in other places $9 – $70)

This company, however, also carries out hosting and affiliate training. Before choosing a registrar and purchasing a domain, I recommend reading this full post.

Final Thoughts On Domains

This is your website, brand, and company. You may choose what you want to identify. There are no rules, so get your favorite stuff. A domain name is neither a business nor a break alone. The content you create will be the most significant element of your website. That’s what people are going to read, and they’re going to care.

A nice domain name with no content makes no money for yourself but you may generate a full-time income from a poor domain name with good content and plenty of visitors.


Hosting is a larger topic than you can think of right now, but I want to explain it very easily so that you can make a smart hosting choice. So I want to address the questions I’ve been facing and how you may prevent them. I have had a lot of awful hosts and a few nice ones.

Selecting A Host For Your Affiliate Site

There is an understatement to say that there are numerous hosting services. Hundreds, even thousands of people have to pick from. Each of them offers a unique offer, so it’s difficult if you don’t know exactly what you’re searching for.

As a newbie, your initial impulse will be, begin with, a very important plan and then improve your plan when your website starts traffic. This approach has pros and cons. I did it that way and ran into a ton of headaches. I really wish I would have just spent an extra $20 per month and saved myself hours upon hours of problems.


  • Excellent budget to start your company
  • Allow you to try a host without a great commitment
  • Can later be readily upgraded
  • Can save between $100-$300 in your first year?
  • Fixing your own hosting issues is like knowing how to fix your own vehicles


  • Hosting is typically very slow
  • The quality of support is low
  • Other server sites may affect the speed of your site
  • Resources are running out pretty fast if you take your business seriously
  • It does not make to sense worry about an extra $300 a year if you are going to earn $10, 000 every month
  • Hosting problems cause you unnecessary pain and headaches
  • An endless amount of issues and unique scenarios might arise, like mending your own automobile.

More significantly, time saved by excellent hosting may be dedicated to the development of your company instead of your website.


Watch Out for Hosting Tricks

Doesn’t stay cheap hosting Cheap

My initial error was to go to the least affordable host I could locate. One thing I particularly noticed was that after one year the Cheap Hosting expires. For twelve months, I paid just $3.95 per month, but then it tripled

I was quite pissed off by this marketing technique.

Hosting Unlimited Isn’t Really Unlimited

The other error I made was that “unlimited” meant I genuinely had limitless business resources. This is only another trick in advertising. Usually “Unlimited” refers to file size, not file count.

When I developed a few websites on my hosting package, my websites crashed every day because my server had too many files.

Over the following two years, I had to upgrade five- or six-time and finally paid for trash hosting $150 a month. I could also pay for the highest hosting at that price.


You Should Care About These Issues NOW


Malware protection and other safety measures are absolutely one thing you should look into. Hacking really is. Hacking is real. It happened twice to me. It happened. This was not a great deal for the first time. A big debacle was the second time.

Some programs offer active protection, while others can aid. Some won’t assist and will merely put your website in quarantine. Cheap hosting normally does not safeguard or support you, so if you fear a potential hack, this is a solid reason to spend extra.


Either daily or weekly, your websites should be backed up. With affordable planning, your own website is to be backed up and restored if essential. More pricey providers can back up your website and even save backups for you every day.


Since you just start, many things are going to be confused. How can an e-mail address be created? Why does your website go slow? Why do you get an unavailable 500 Server Error? A million things might come up. Friendly, quick, and assistance is a requirement. A real lifesaver can be live support.

Many people appreciate the notion of telephone help, but honest assistance for telephone calls. The operators are typically outsourced to India, so you might wait hours on the phone. These days, I like to support live-chat boxes.


Hosting types to be considered

Hosting shared

As a novice, you’re going to create little websites and you won’t make any money at first. Traffic is slow to start and over time will rise progressively.

That is why starting with shared hosting is just OK. While it’s less reliable, this is cheaper, so you may start your shoe budget till you acquire enough money. There’s no practical incentive at this stage to switch to very sophisticated hosting. After you start generating money, you may improve.

I don’t mess more about shared hosting because my time is worth more.


VPS is essentially like a virtual server renting version. It’s basically the next level from shared, but not so advanced as a server. This is a fantastic medium ground where rapid speeds may be reached, but a price point reasonable.

Dedicated Server

With a dedicated server, you are able to make customized settings and it doesn’t affect what anybody else does to their site. You will also receive additional materials and greater assistance.

Though dedicated servers will cost you a little more, so you don’t have to struggle with cheap hosting hassles.

My Recommended Host

Over the last few years, I have hosted five different firms. With 3 dollars per month of hosting I truly worked my way from the bottom of the barrel and now spend about 6000 dollars a year.

I saw everything about it. I’ve encountered more troubles than I can express right now with my websites. The major advice for hosting the websites of your affiliates is here. I strongly advocate avoiding low-level shared hosting if you have money and are serious about growing up your company the proper way since day 1. Cheap hosting is indeed a headache.

Kinsta: It’s ridiculously good to host Kinsta. I’m never going to go back to anything. They feature very fast hosting with a free CDN and a constant live chat where you may ask problems and nearly instantaneously receive support. My sites are quicker than before, and their features make it easier for me to handle my business.

Your back end is quite easy to deal with, and it is as heck for newbies.

You’re not going to spend that much for a newbie. Its core level is $30 per month. But just one webpage is available. You spend $100 for five sites. Keep in mind that you must upgrade your traffic to plans that enable it if your traffic goes off. You are using more resources to maintain your website, thus you are paying more. You are using more resources to maintain your website, thus you are paying more. It is worth it because the free CDN is worth it (which speeds up loading your site for global visitors).


Simplify Your Affiliate Business With Domains + Hosting Combined

Wealthy Affiliate is an affiliate training center with a hosting package, and you can buy domains straight from your dashboard.

Membership is $49 per month or $495 per year. 10 sites are included in the membership fee. You also gain access, if you have concerns about how to expand your site, to a keyword tool for the research on your affiliate blog. There are thousands of active participants in this sector, including myself and other specialists.


Best Domains & Hosting For Affiliates

One Of A Kind Hosting

Wealthy Affiliate hosting is considerably superior to anything you could get at the Blue Host, Hostgator, or any other trash hosting firm in the Endurance International Group.

It’s optimized hosting for WordPress, which would ordinarily cost you $100 per month in sites like WPEngine. They have their own hosting infrastructure with redundant servers and SiteSpeed to get your homepage running quickly. Backups are automatic, and top-class security is integrated into your hosting to protect you from hackers without doing anything additional.

Flat-Priced Domains

Did you see Godaddy’s $0.99 domains? Perhaps you don’t realize it, but you may get a $20 or more repeated pricing! So the inexpensive domain you just purchased will cost you more over the long term. Wealthy Affiliate costs $13.99 and $15.99 and renews it annually to the same price.

Free Domain Privacy, Free SSL Certificates, Free Email Address

All of these cost money, and many more budget hosts need to be put up manually. These are free and pre-installed on all your websites, so the installation process for beginners is simplified and optimized.

Unlimited domain-specific email addresses and email forwarding are absolutely unique.

Keyword Tool For Free

You will also be able to use Jaaxy, a keyword research tool as part of your Wealthy Affiliate membership. All members are free of charge for Jaaxy Lite. It is the technique I use on my website to locate topics for writing about. I will speak about Jaaxy and how in a later lesson I can undertake keyword research.

Keyword programs such as SEMRush or Ahrefs costs a basic level of $99/month and can cost $1,000 per month or more for advanced users. Jaaxy is free for WA members to search keywords, generate listings for keywords, download table data, and keep track of rankings over time.

Affiliate Training Step by Step

Besides everything you need to manage your online company, your affiliated website also gives you training on building, growing, and earning money. No other host is offering this!

Do you know how to create your business online? Are you clear on how to develop an affiliate’s effective website? I guess you will buy some type of “how to make money online” course in addition to hosting. I assume. You know those – $47 and overnight you’re going to be rich! Follow my training and making money online is easy 1-2-3!

For over a decade, wealthy affiliates have been educating successful partners, myself included.

Affiliate Support 1-on-1

Although many individuals fail with superb training. At some point, they grow confused and give up or lose interest in the next brilliant thing. You may speak with peers and mentors in a one-on-1 setting at Wealthy Affiliate.

You may contact folks running an online company much like you through live chat, forum, personal blog, and private messages. Coordinate with other newbies to bounce ideas around, or ask a six-figure earner your burning questions.

In addition, I make myself available to individuals who join via my link (I am an affiliate) through a private message. For nearly a few years now, I have built successful websites and as a member, you ask me anything (only for my referrals). This covers company strategy inquiries, technological problems, or just complaining that the money does not arrive quickly enough.

Should I Host With Wealthy Affiliate Or Somewhere Else?

My personal advice for beginners is that if you want to develop a website for a company, you go to Wealthy Affiliate. The training works, the hosting is legit and you have access to a community of online businesses that are good at learning and developing. You not only receive a fast and secure home for your website by hosting Wealthy Affiliate, but you also gain a support network for establishing your online company.

The trouble with developing a website for affiliates is that occasionally you may need support. Yes, in blogs and social media you may ask questions, but the replies are typically brief and insufficient to really assist.

No other hosting provider out there will educate you on how to manage a business. They simply your website files with storage space. You can’t help you get to your site with traffic. You can’t tell you why you’re not turning your sales page into money. They will surely not assist encourage you to fight, much alone to celebrate your achievements.

No issue if you’re not ready for it. You can try one of my other hosting guidelines and just follow my free training here

Now that you find the hosting and domains, you will develop your affiliate website in the following session and we will examine how to reach your site with visitors. Where’s the cash? Soon, but first, we have to create our business a solid foundation!

Everyone will choose a different hosting, thus it is a basic guideline to Build a website. You can get an idea of how everything works, but it’s not as tough as you think. I’m going to show a few different ways.

What do you think?

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