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How To Create “Content” For Your Affiliate Blog

How To Create “Content” For Your Affiliate Blog

How To Create “Content” For Your Affiliate Blog
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It is pretty confusing to get into the world of affiliate marketing and all of a sudden everyone says you need to create content and how you can do it.

What’s “Content” for the first time?

Content is just putting out your ideas. The content can go from writing an article such as a tutorial or a product review on your blog to an image you shot with your iPhone, an infographic that you outsourced, or a video of yourself.

There are several methods in which content may be created, however, I did not know exactly what content you were supposed to develop for your affiliate site. There is a common approach to produce content and my personal thoughts/advice on each of your affiliate websites.

Content Writing

The funny thing is that people make affiliate marketing overly complicated. You may read endless articles on various bells and whistles that will improve, speed up, and renew your site. At its core, however, all you have to do is produce interesting content online.

You may do absolutely nothing except write an article each day, and in a year’s time I’m sure you will make money.

This requires, of course, you follow some fundamental guidelines on how to produce content that is searched and found in Google!

Research on keywords

Researching for keywords is how you find out what people look for online. You don’t really have to do this if you’re highly skilled with your niche. You can only post about your brainstorm questions or thoughts concerning visits to other websites.

If you are in an unfamiliar niche or require a few thoughts in order to start writing, keyword research might be of essential value. Almost every day I rock a keyword search tool!

I would recommend Jaaxy for newbies. The learning curve is quite short and there are interesting additional characteristics such as grade tracking for certain keywords. SEMRush is great for advanced users. You may get the same Jaaxy keyword suggestions as SEMRush suggestions.

Both tools enable you to analyze traffic vs competition.

Formats of Basic Article

How are you going to write an article? When you describe your website, an article might simply be a 5-paragraph essay on the theme you have chosen. You should have a minimum of 1000 words, whether you are talking about a step-by-step instruction or a question/answer style. This is an introduction, three supporting paragraphs, and a 200-word conclusion.

Feel free to break through to make them more mobile reading (walls of text are hard to read).

You may connect to more creative content types as you discover more about what connects with people. Here’s a group I’m using:

  1. Reviews on products
  2. Question & Answer
  3. Tutorials and How to
  4. Roundups
  5. Lists Top 10
  6. Trend Topics

For example, you may write articles such as: if your niche was a natural medicine for children’s diseases:

  • Top 10 Natural Cold Kids Remedies
  • How To Get Rid Of Kids Warts Naturally
  • Does Peppermint Oil Safe To Drink Children?

Ranking & SEO

SEO means “search engine optimization”. SEO can be done with a lot of hype, but it is really simple. You are just optimizing your search engine ideas, the basic principle. You should always write for people, but you may perform tiny techniques to help you discover the AI algorithms of Google and Bing.

One easy way is to use your title and articles’ URLs simply with your keyword.

If the keyword is robot vacuum pet hair, your post title can be Which Robot Vacuum Is Best For Pet Hair or Top 5 Pet Hair Robot Vacuums Compared.

Your URL is something like

There are many tiny tactics you can use to classify your post, and many are easy to understand and apply. 

Finding & Uploading Images

Images are also pleased. A single image could explain a story, or you might create a more detailed graph. In addition, photos carry meta-data that may be read by search engines. So your visuals have written contents.

The major goal of SEO is to optimize your written search content however optimizing your photos and video is the underused way of accessing Google’s page 1. Pictures isn’t only for classification! They show the page interest by exhibiting through screenshots, product images and demonstrations of what you talk about.

Original Photos

Let’s start on the right foot, and get it out. The best are original photographs. There are other methods to get images, but capturing your own pictures is just the greatest one. Instead of any other “marketer” out there that only outsources all their things, it is a terrific method to promote yourself as a unique Website.

Original photographs = original insights, branding, and over time, I think higher rankings are required. You can locate a picture where a genuine person’s house or face is to be seen on the picture when you notice three websites employing the same seller’s product picture.

Moreover, to complement your content, you may edit your pictures. Sales relevancy converts.

You can still utilize your smartphone, even if you haven’t got a great camera. There’s a reason nobody buys digital point-and-shoot cameras – smartphone cameras are great!

You may get all your picture names and alt tags in search engines. Plus, in Google Image Search you’ll find your pictures, which might be an additional traffic supply!

Stock photos

If you can’t figure out how your website can employ unique photographs, stock photos are also perfect. I always use them here because it’s somewhat boring to have technical screenshots, such as your title page or Google Analytics. I think I could use original photographs more, and in the future, I will, but currently, a basic stock image is good enough to show the content of the page.

I personally despise the normal “businessman” pics in stock, so I try to be more creative, but you may use anything you believe is acceptable (note that this post’s title image is a horse cowboy and not a desktop man.

Many times when I don’t have the option of buying a product I want to review, I discover a picture of the title. For example, I will probably not see the Samsung robot vacuum, but you will discover a general robot vacuum photo to show the product. It’s not going to be a picture of that model.

Cheaper stock sites like Canstockphoto I use have a less interesting, but cheaper selection of photographs. However, I suggest that you upgrade to a better picture stock source such as Shutterstock or iStockphoto once you start spending money on your business. They have a significant number of branded product photos.

Even better is Getty Images, but you may have a picture of $100+ while you pay $2 per image for a single purchase in Canstockphoto, perhaps $1 or less for bulk purchases.

For many stock photo sites you may pay a months’ price and download a set quantity of pictures every month rather than per picture, however, I like a picture pricer because many people don’t roll over your everyday picture.


Infographics are more difficult to do since you have to do them from the very beginning. Some really interesting solutions like are out there to assist you to transform your textual content into a nice $5/month infographic. Canva is a great option (the one I use).

It definitely takes time to design infographics for your website, but they can show “residual interest” meaning that people return to your site expressly to share this piece of information. This implies more links and social evidence and higher ranks for search engines on your website.

This is an excellent example of a material that is more difficult to produce, and thus fewer people do it, so that your brand may be a USP.

This kind of content focuses on pictures, Pinterest is amazing!

Make Customized Images Using Canva

Canva ALL THE TIME I use. Canva is an online application that makes your pictures popular with amazingly handy capabilities. Pinterest pictures, logs, and brand or use your website pictures and pick filters and effects from lots of users to spice up center photographs. You may also make video content.

One of my favorite things is that you can’t even be creative by using hundreds of templates! Moreover, you also get access to picture stocks, so you won’t have to pay for stocks until you are ready to upload your game and obtain some exclusive photographs from somewhere such as Shutterstock or Getty.

What’s crazy is that Canva is free, 

You may access 175 million professional stock pictures when you opt to pay for Canva ($119 per year) along with other picture editing instruments such as self-size (suited to utilize one picture in various areas) and more space to keep your pictures (cloud storage does have limitations).

The story is wonderful since I store all my photographs and categorize them by website or project, so, if I need to update a number, modify any formulation to fit a title, or resize it to use for anything else, I can easily go back and obtain the image again.

Free Image Websites (Warning)

You can’t use photos on your web pages with Google. Nothing, even if it is given attribution, may be downloaded and re-uploaded to your site. Many people do this, but this doesn’t imply you’re supposed to do it.

Furthermore, the problem with many of the popular free stock picture websites is that you cannot be sure that the person who loads the photographs does have permission to do this. I can then upload a stock image and shift the rights to Google.  How would you know? The law is a grey area, but you can be still on the hook from what I understand by using these pictures.

That is the reason why I hesitate to make use of locations such as Pixabay and Pexels, although they are highly popular.

But you won’t have problems 99 percent of the time, therefore I believe it’s good to use these sites. In the past I used them, and in a pinch I still use them. That said, if you do use images in a way you’re not supposed to, it could mean you get a DMCA takedown (taking your site offline until you delete the image), or you could even get sued and have a big legal bill defending yourself in court.
It happens rarely, but it happens.

Make sure you use a photograph from Flickr Creative Commons that includes a link to the source picture and license information by using the correct credits. These are two outbound links to a single photo’s unrelated page so I’m not using licensed Flickr photographs.

Video-Based Content

A lot – or just a little – maybe a video depending on your niche, approach, and skill. Video content might be your only source of traffic for an affiliate marketer or simply a part of it.

YouTube Video Embedding

In order to gain, you don’t have to generate your own videos. Most content providers download their videos to YouTube with an “embed” option that may be used without authorization from the producers. Why would they allow you to do that?

You provide them free brand ads through the use of their film and they get money from the exposure regardless of a person sees the movie on YouTube or is integrated on your site. Your traffic then turns into its income stream.

Of course, that is why, if you can, you should attempt making your own original movies, but not everyone can generate high-quality movies with their time, equipment, or know-how. It’s a tossup between using someone else’s amazing video versus your own DIY first try videos!


Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit. Ut elit tellus, luctus nec ullamcorper mattis, pulvinar dapibus leo.

Embedding manual: Enter the iFrame code and paste it on your WordPress page in the Text editor mode.

Auto embed: just enter your blog contents with the YouTube URL
You cannot download the videos back to your own channel and cannot make money directly from embedded videos.

When embedding video, try to match your keywords to the post’s destination keyword or make sure they are appropriate for the content part where they are embedded. You may also create your own videos because you can check the SEO aspect of videos. Importance is vital as usual! Videos also inspire ideas. They may be used.

Oftentimes, video makers drop the ball (they focus more on YouTube earnings), to develop their own written content for your own affiliate, and to link their videos along in your own words.

Original Videos Creation (SEO)

Obviously, it’s the video content were to create original videos. You may not just receive income from YouTube advertising, but also include your affiliate links in the video description. This implies that you have higher affiliate commissions!

Furthermore, from your videos, you may also link directly to the website (or the description box), so that the traffic to your affiliate may be carried through your video content.

More significantly, because you are the producer of both, your videos will be very significant to your content and this flux of relevance will help you build authority in search engines and convert more visitors to sales.

It is really difficult to create fresh videos, but it’s wonderful because every channel is distinctive. You may put some true waste and gain support if you know your niche. If people acquire outstanding knowledge, they will be less attracted to polished items. My most popular videos to date, “how to draw a direct line” is “How to draw a line” in the Gimp image editor.

Be prepared for any level of spam and negativity when you enter the YouTube world. It’s a legitimate show and many commenters are confirmed hatersTM. You can filter your comments but it works a lot more and commenting boosts your ranking.

Do I Need To Show My Face?

This is a big deal for many folks and you don’t have to reveal your face, and the answer is NO. Many product review channels are doing “unboxing” videos, showing your hands, and doing a voiceover. You may record events from the perspective of 1st person, or you can create a channel where you chat and show background footage.

video game dunkey

Dunkey has 22 million subscribers and never on his channel exposes his face. He tells about video game footage commentaries or ideas. Even if it’s not about video spiels, this is extremely prevalent

no copyright Songs
NoCopyrightSounds is a popular YouTube, that plays no-copyright music with screensavers in the old school. Audio material was of interest to the viewers, 

Other Types of Content

Web 2.0 is fully in force and far more than simply photos, videos, and textual information is available.

Audio (Podcasts)

Podcasts are currently at a Renaissance moment and Joe Rogan is the new Walter Cronkite if you have not heard about it. Podcasts from general policy debates to a detailed examination of bitcoin are available on every topic. Things like craft beer podcasts are highly narrow (and dull), which rave fans have. I mean, who in their right mind would listen to people drink beer? (I do LOL).

Podcasts may be tougher to utilize to transport you to your affiliate website because people typically listen to your gym or automobile, but you may create awareness with sufficient follow-up. If you’re doing a podcast, it would be my suggestion to make sure advertising affiliate items work in the right way with the particular company that you want to advertise on the podcast, or to email them to your podcast form where you can e-mail them.

Guest Blogging

Publishing your original content on a different website is especially a means to reach new audiences, which has more traffic and influence than you are. It’s such a terrific way to do it that it’s annoying to freaks and I dismiss anybody here asking for guest blogs. Most of them give outsourced material to re-link to their own websites. Don’t be this man if you blog guests.

In terms of ideas, I agree it’s interesting. Everybody gains from sharing audiences with peers. You and the other content producer come together rather easily to a new group of individuals, and every one of your followers will be introduced to new, engaging content with a different style.

Even though it’s not truly “new,” it’s an interesting way to post content.

Social Media

Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, and other social media are getting a bad name because they are focused on rage and attention, but they are just a different means of publishing content. A whole new sort of audience for your content will be able to work on social media.

Some folks are not result-oriented, “I search, then I do” type of internet users. Many folks just want to browse and comment. But don’t want to grind out 2000 words for an in-depth look at some topic, you can just do a quick 500-word rant on Facebook or create a pithy, funny 280 character tweet.

Having hundreds of thousands of followers is not usual for medium-sized social profiles, regardless of the platform.

The way in which you generate content changes across each platform. You have to actively tweet with Twitter on several occasions per day. It’s all OK to repeat your tweets because not everybody reads what you were writing at 1:30 pm five days ago. Your content on Facebook will be lengthier and more interesting. Instagram focuses very much on the image, but you can utilize it to obtain greater commitment. Pinterest is all photos and makes great use of product reviews and tutorials.

To be successful online, you don’t need social media. You could only post articles on your website as I suggested at the beginning of this article, and you may live online. Social networking is only one means of creating content for your online company, even if you are an affiliate rather than selling your own stuff.

My recommendation is to select only one platform you want to use and try to see how it works.

Final Thoughts

There are as many content creation strategies as the voices of bloggers for your online business. Some affiliates would rather create an entertaining video series with a link to their e-mail opt-in form, and their blog is a side-project (I always recommend creating a website as a backup plan as it is a risk to put your content on a platform you don’t ow is a risk)

A mix of everything will be the best long-term plan, with a focus on what you like. Traffic diversification is smart, as even blogger updates and intense rivalry are vulnerable to search engine algorithms.

A combination of these will be the greatest long-term plan, with a focus on what you love. Traffic diversification is clever, as even blogger updates and high competition are susceptible to search engine algorithms.

If you’re just beginning, focus on one subject now and expand yourself as you have time and patience to study new things. For a number of fundamental reasons, I always recommend that an affiliate website with written content be created as a core strategy.

  • No further equipment beyond a laptop is required.
  • errors may be quickly fixed in seconds
  • Old material can simply be updated
  • Even though it is informal, everyone can write
  • Cheap to run a blog
  • Writing for your site does not require social media attention

It is quite simple and cheap to build an affiliate website, and I really believe that anyone who spends hours will finally see results, and start making money online.

What do you think?

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