BJK University Review

BJK University Review: Is It Scam? Truths Exposed!

Welcome, and thank you for taking the time to read my BJK University Review.

Making money online is one of the best ways to have more flexibility and independence in your life. You can be stuck in a job you don’t enjoy, or you might be stressed by expenses, obligations, and the rising cost of living.

BJK University Review
BJK University Review

BJK University promises to be able to assist, but is this true?

Some bold claims are made. One member, for example, made more in a single day than other individuals make in a month. Another company grew from nothing to $1.8 million in revenue in ninety days.

Are those statements true?

But first, let me introduce myself. And why should you take my advice?

Hello, my name is Dima, and I’m a successful internet marketer who went from spending time waiting tables to running a successful affiliate marketing business.

Furthermore, I analyzed and tested 200+ courses to determine the best way to generate money online.

In other words, I enjoy generating money online and assisting you in finding legitimate ways to do so!

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BJK University Review – Overview

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  • Product Owner: Bashar J. Katou
  • Price: $3800
  • Money-Back Guarantee: 3 days
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Quick Summary: BJK University is a community and training program that teaches you how to start and grow an Amazon FBA business.

I have no reason to dislike them because I know firsthand how much money can be made online. I’ve also seen a lot of it made by others online. But let’s be serious. With such large amounts being flung about, it’s difficult not to suspect a scam.

So, in this BJK University review, I’ll explain what it is, how it works, who established it, and, of course, whether or not it’s a legitimate method to earn money.

What exactly is BJK University?

BJK University is a community and training program that teaches you how to start and grow an Amazon FBA business.

Bashar J Katou, its inventor, launched his internet company in 2015. In 2017, he began educating others and shared his expertise on YouTube. This was later used to establish BJK University.

What exactly is an Amazon FBA business?

BJK University Review
BJK University Review

Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA) is a service that connects small businesses to Amazon’s logistical network.

So, what does this imply for you?

Amazon will receive and store your items, accept orders (through their website and app), select and pack those purchases, and send them to your consumers. Invoicing, customer support and product returns are also handled by Amazon.

There is a price for this service, but as someone with an experience in distribution, I believe it is appropriate.

As an operations manager, I was in charge of phone operators, warehouse workers, delivery drivers, human resource and accounting departments, a sales team, and so on.

I also had other building leases across Canada, as well as heat, power, cleaning, maintenance, and so on.

The warehouse shelving alone cost hundreds of thousands of dollars, much alone the forklifts, pallet jacks, and pallet wrapping equipment… as well as the stress (As a side note, I quit all of that to pursue a sales job and then became an electrician before launching my own internet business.)

But, more to the point, large-scale dissemination is difficult.

So, when all of that is considered, not only do Amazon FBA costs appear modest in contrast, but the potential itself is exceptional.

Does this imply that Amazon FBA is a viable business model?

That is determined by your financial resources, your willingness to work hard, and what you are comparing it to.

To be honest, it’s not my favorite business model. According to the skeptics, Amazon FBA is no longer as profitable as it once was.

Today’s market is more competitive, clients have higher expectations, and schools like BJK University that promise riches don’t help.

They attract a large number of individuals to FBA, making it more difficult to identify successful items. The pursuit of wealth might lead some unskilled vendors (with limited resources) to cut corners, such as missing product checks.

This causes a slow erosion of customer trust, making it more difficult for vendors.

I’m not claiming that BJK University advises you to do such things. I’m also not suggesting that you create an Amazon FBA business. I’m merely suggesting that the number of Amazon FBA classes and get-rich-quick gurus has likely made it less profitable, not more.

Is BJK University Trustworthy?

I must confess that I had reservations about BJK University when I first heard about it, and while I’ve warmed up to it since then, there are still some red flags worth highlighting.

?Flag #1 – Selling “Lifestyle”

Bashar says he is not one of those gurus who flaunts his homes, yachts, and Ferraris. While this is somewhat correct, there is still some “lifestyle” selling going on here. There are claims to 20X returns on investments and several months in the five and six figures.

During his case study video, Bashar also included images of a boat, a plane, and a Ferrari. Although he’s merely mocking the “gurus,” these images, along with a collage of him and his wife on a boat and his Bentley, give the impression of a get-rich-quick plan. Even if it isn’t.

To be fair, he is also straightforward about Amazon FBA. He describes it as a marathon, not a sprint, and that it will be difficult. He also informs you upfront that funds are required.

Furthermore, while the lifestyle promises are extreme, they are not unreasonable.

?Flag #2 – Displaying Sales, Not Profits

Any online program’s sales and revenue promises are false. And, in my perspective, when BJK University talks about five and six-figure months, such figures are taken out of context.

You may make a million dollars per month, or even per week, in sales and yet be penniless because your costs are as outstanding.

I’ll go over the numbers below, but sales and income figures are meaningless until you factor in the cost of the goods, shipping, Amazon FBA fees, promotion, and so on.

?Flag #3 – There is no BJK University price.

If you’ve ever applied to a university, you’ll know there’s no “sell” or “build-up” before they get to the price. Instead, many institutions provide tuition calculators on their websites and cover other costs like as textbooks and living expenses.

I’m usually wary about a course or program when I can’t locate the price at the bottom of the website.

I’ll go over the expenses of BJK University below, but leaving it up to an enrolling coach to notify you (rather than publicizing a fee) is usually a red sign. It does not imply that BJK University is a fraud, but it does imply that it is not inexpensive.

?Flag #4– False Scarcity?

There was once a rapid countdown timer to join and collect your fast action bonus. Of course, incentives and limited-time offers are OK, but they must be truthful.

It’s not authentic if you can just reload the page and the timer resets as it did with one of BJK University’s sales sites.

This might have been a technological malfunction, and to be honest, Bashar appears to have abandoned that (fake?) timer. However, I’m not sure if he got rid of it permanently or is simply testing alternative funnels.

His scarcity technique is currently creating a sense of exclusivity. BJK University cannot be purchased. You must be qualified.

And in this situation, scarcity may be real since BJK University is more than simply a course. Bashar is pushed to keep up with the expanding number of pupils through live webinars, Q&A, and mentoring.

Limiting enrollment may be a legitimate strategy to keep things under control while ensuring that paying students receive what they require.

Despite the red flags, BJK University is legitimate. It teaches you all you need to know to establish and earn from an Amazon FBA business. It also provides you with access to a community of FBA sellers as well as frequent webinars.


Bashar J. Katou: Who Is He?

BJK University
Bashar J. Katou – BJK University

Although BJK University is legitimate, what about Bashar J Katou?

He migrated to the United States (Detroit) in 2006 after growing up in Iraq, where his father operated a textile factory. He relocated to California a year later.

Bashar is a serial entrepreneur who founded his first company alongside his brother when he was 19 years old.

He finally became a restaurant and bar owner, but when it burnt down, he lost everything and went into debt. That happened in 2015.

I’m not sure what it is about success tales that start with tragedy, but I can identify. Whether it’s a renowned actor, athlete, entrepreneur, or whatever… it appears that every achievement is a comeback tale.

I know mine is, and perhaps yours is as well.

Some stories’ highs and lows are overblown, but that doesn’t make them untrue. And there’s a crucial lesson to be learned, which is…

… the majority of success follows failure. Few (if any) people hit a home run on their first try.

Success appears to follow the struggle. When all other options have been exhausted. This appears to be Bashar’s story as well.

After losing his pub and restaurant in 2015, he discovered Amazon FBA,, and his life was transformed.

Bashar launched his YouTube account in 2017. He has tens of thousands of followers (maybe more by the time you read this) and has documented most of his journey on video. His Instagram followers number in the millions.

Bashar established BJK University in 2019.

He is now a seven-figure Amazon seller. You can tell he is committed, knows what he’s doing, and is a competent marketer by the stuff he (relentlessly) creates.

He’s also extremely driven, and prospective entrepreneurs will benefit from being in his “sphere of influence” (though this is becoming more difficult as his course has grown in popularity).

How Does BJK University Perform?

As previously said, Amazon FBA allows you to sell actual things online without having to worry about warehousing, selecting and packaging orders, shipping, invoicing, processing returns, and so on.

Amazon will do such tasks for you for a price.

BJK University teaches you how to achieve this as well as specific tactics for distinguishing yourself from your competition.

The core premise is as follows:

  • Find and purchase specialized items.
  • Private label them with your brand
  • Differentiate yourself and provide value.
  • Sell your things for more than you bought for them.

The devil, of course, is in the details. That is where BJK University comes in…

Getting Started

BJK University does not offer an easy way to enroll. You must instead go via one of Bashar’s sales funnels, which you will most likely discover through an advertisement, YouTube, or one of his social media pages.

Which funnel you wind up in depends on when you read this review. And because you’re here, you’ve probably already fallen into BJK University’s funnel.

You will now be led to a website where you can download a free case study. However, it’s more of a sales film, with Bashar telling you about his journey, selling you on a lifestyle, and sharing some success stories.

You can then apply to check whether you are eligible.

Following that, you’ll answer a series of questions, moving from page to page, providing your complete name, email address, and phone number.

An enrollment coach will call you using the phone number you provided.

You will also be asked what your monthly profit objective is, what is preventing you from reaching it, and how long you have been following Bashar.

Following that, you’ll write a brief essay outlining how you differ from other applicants and why they should select to work with you.

Before completing your application and arranging a call, please answer the following three questions:

  • How quickly can you get started?
  • Can you guarantee that you will answer your phone at the appointed time (failure to promise would disqualify you)?
  • Whether you have the necessary financial resources (or access to them) to get started.

If you have the finances, and enrollment coach will contact you and urge you to join up. And I like how they tell you that you need money before you buy.

If you don’t have any money, you may find some free tutorials on Bashar’s YouTube channel. You will still need money for items, fees, and so on.

BJK University will undoubtedly result in a far higher online income than surveys, but surveys are cost-free.

If you want to make more money, starting an online business can be the answer.

You can be a stay-at-home parent with little money or suffer from health issues that make finding a regular career difficult.

If that’s the case and you want to make a full-time income online, you’ll need to know where and how to start to achieve your goals.

Are You Ready To Create Your Online Business?

BJK University Training

The training at BJK University lasts around six weeks (with continuous learning) and covers the following subjects in webinars and “bite-sized” modules:

  • Mindset
  • Tools
  • Plans and Procedures
  • Finding Successful Products
  • Management of suppliers and negotiations
  • the management of inventory, shipping, tariffs, and purchases
  • Private labeling, UPCs, and branding
  • Fees for Amazon FBA
  • Listings, titles, and descriptions of products; optimization; Prime Club, etc.
  • Organic and unfavorable reviews
  • PPC Marketing, Sales Funnels, and Rewards

You also receive:

  • Five webinars each week (coaches are supposed to have reached six figures with their own FBA stores)
  • Q&A With Coaches
  • Facebook Group

Concepts and theories will be taught to you. Bashar, for instance, illustrates how Grinders profit from a single product while Rainmakers profit from a variety of items.

Additionally, you will discover particular formulae and tactics, such as Bashar’s suggestion to acquire goods that you can resell for 4X.

Therefore, a product that costs $4 (for the item plus delivery) should bring in $16.

It should sell for $64 (4X) if you purchase it for $16, and so on.

Additionally, he suggests goods for which Amazon’s fees do not exceed 25% of your sales.

Deciding selecting items to sell on Amazon FBA might not be as simple as it sounds.

Other FBA classes would advise against buying items like self-stirring cups, anti-gravity plants, and handheld dishwashers, but Bashar frequently steers clear of them. For instance, they could be monopolized by a single brand, have higher FBA costs, or perhaps nobody is looking for them.

You’ll gain more useful knowledge from BJK University by:

  • Don’t promote goods just because you enjoy them. Sell goods because consumers want to purchase them.
  • Pick items you are confident will function well and be durable.
  • Sell convenience because customers like to purchase goods that make their lives simpler.
  • Pet and infant products are better choices for beginners than more complicated items like electronics, which can go wrong.
  • By purchasing a sponsored listing and placing your goods at the top, you can expand rapidly if you can locate a product with strong margins and demand. However, only if it is still lucrative after fees have been paid.
  • The start-up cost increases as a product become more competitive.
  • Even though a product may be perfect right now, it’s possible that before you run out of stock, someone else may offer it for half the price.

You’ll hear about certain Amazon FBA difficulties either in the course or via discussions with others in the neighborhood.

  • It’s not as simple as just listing a thing and being paid. The top 10 Amazon sellers on page one account for 80% or more of the sales. You may learn how to rank among the top ten sales, but others are also doing so (and improving).
  • Having a website appear on the first page of a search engine (like Google) is different from having your items appear on Amazon’s first page.
  • There might be hundreds or even thousands of articles on your website. And even if just 20% of your website visitors rank on the first page, you may still have a highly profitable and popular website.
  • However, there aren’t hundreds (or thousands) of things on Amazon. You could have a little number. You cannot afford to have the majority of them NOT ON PAGE ONE, even if you have more. You paid for those things, so paying storage fees to keep them on a shelf might be disastrous for your finances.

How Much Does BJK University Cost?

A membership in BJK University now costs $3800. You now have unlimited access. The pricing and access conditions may change by the time you read this.

However, there are additional expenses involved with launching an Amazon FBA business. One of the priciest internet enterprises is it. In certain markets, it’s more affordable than traditional retail or house flipping, but it’s still not cheap.

Here are a few of the extra expenses:

Added Charges

$29/Month for Tools (Product Research, Monitoring Listing, and Analytics)

Depending on your plan, JungleScout is one tool that may assist with product research (estimate product potential, demand based on keyword research, etc.). It costs between $29 and $84 per month.

Helium 10 is another instrument that accomplishes this. Prices range from $39 per month for basic plans to $249 or more per month for bespoke plans (which you won’t need at first).

Products to Sell – $1000+

Although you may start with things costing $1,000, it’s perilous if that’s all you have. The landing cost (to Amazon) should be around 25% of the income you hope to generate, regardless of your budget (before FBA fees).

In other words, your entire product cost, including delivery, should be roughly $2,500 if you intend to generate $10,000 in sales (before fees). The suggested total of units (at BJK University) shouldn’t be more than 200.

$5 to $10 UPC Codes

A single code costs $4.99, five codes cost $10.00, and ten codes cost $15.00 at Barcode Mania (

According to how many things you sell, you require a certain amount of barcodes. every product, a single barcode.

Free to $100 for brand logos

Additionally, your items will require a brand with a logo. You may use a tool like Canva to create a logo for free, or you can pay a freelancer on a site like Fiverr, Upwork, or Freelancer to do it for you. Prices might be anything between $25 and $100.

Free to $100 for product photos

While some goods providers offer images, you shouldn’t utilize the same stock images that other merchants are using. These stock photographs may be changed instead with infographics, comparisons, comments, etc.

You’ll need to take the images yourself if your supplier doesn’t give them, which entails getting a sample before you can list.

In either case, you’ll want attractive pictures. You’ve undoubtedly conducted low-resolution generic picture searches on Amazon before. And you’ve undoubtedly avoided purchasing due to the low-quality generic photos.

Photos are crucial. You may construct a photo package yourself if you are proficient at it, or you can hire a freelancer. Depending on the circumstances, a picture package can cost you $100 per item.

Account for Amazon Sellers: $0.99 per unit or $39.99 per month

A Professional Seller’s account, which costs $39.99/Month, is required if you sell more than 40 units per month and want to be eligible for top positions on product pages.

Amazon FBA Fees: 25% of Gross Revenue

You must also pay Amazon fees for services like storage, shipping, referrals, high-volume listings, and potentially even advertising. Your goal cost should be about 25% of your overall income, however, this may vary based on the sort of product, its size, and other factors.

Sample of a Product: $100+

Although it’s an optional expenditure, you might not want to forgo it. Spending thousands of dollars on hundreds of units before getting a sample is perilous unless you know exactly what you’re buying.

$150 to $300 for Amazon FBA Inspection Service

Again, this is a choice expenditure that you might not want to avoid. Before you place your purchase, a business with a China basis called QIMA, for instance, will check your goods and the factories that made them.

Having your goods transported to you initially so you may check them is an additional choice. then deliver them to Amazon yourself.

There might be little you can do if your items fall short of expectations or, worse still, are flawed. Quality problems may compel you to sell for considerably less than you had anticipated. Products that are flawed could be a total loss.

Although it’s enticing to avoid it, this step is essential. Remember that poor quality or faulty items result in returns and unfavorable reviews whether you use an inspection service or perform your assessment of the products. Additionally, they have the power to suspend your Amazon Seller account.

What is the price of Amazon FBA?

Theoretically, Bashar is correct when he claims that you can launch an FBA business for less than $10,000. What if something goes wrong, though?

If they make a mistake, inexperienced FBA sellers risk losing their whole investment.

For an experienced FBA seller who has already evaluated items, manufacturers, advertisements, sales copy, product descriptions, photos, etc., it is far less dangerous.

You could spend $10,000 to $15,000 before generating a profit while you’re just getting started and making errors, as all new business owners do (and should).

I’m not suggesting you’ll do it, but if you’re down to your last dollar, you should be prepared for the option. You risk running out of money before you start producing money if your financial resources are constrained.

Therefore, even if you can start with less than $10,000, it’s a good idea to have more available so you aren’t in a losing scenario.

They don’t have the same earning potential as BJK University, of course, but if you’ve never earned money online before, they’re a quick way to get started.

You may also think about starting an online business for something bigger.

You could have young children at home or be dealing with a medical condition that makes it challenging for you to perform your normal work.

If that’s the case and you’re seeking for a higher salary, understanding where to start and how to do it can help you acquire what you desire.

Are You Ready To Create Your Online Business?

How Much Can You Make with BJK University?

How much money can you make after taking BJK University’s one-time cost into account?

Your potential revenues are, in theory, limitless over time. Do you now have the ability to earn billions? Most likely not, but given the additional expenses mentioned above, we can test a few simple situations (of course, these can be scaled significantly for future campaigns).

Scenario #1: A $10,000 gross profit (4X margins, one-month inventory turnaround)

  • Product cost = $2500
  • Product research = $39 (one-month membership fee to Junglescout or Helium 10)
  • UPC Code = $2.00 (based on purchasing 5 for $10)
  • Logo = $50
  • Photos = $100
  • Amazon Seller Account = $39 (each month)
  • Inspection Service = $200 (average rate)
  • Amazon FBA Expenses (est 25% of gross revenue) = $2500
  • Overall Cost = $5,430
  • Net Sales = $10,000 (4X margin)
  • Total Revenue = $4,570 (or 45.7%)
  • Monthly Revenue = $4,570

Remember that the figures above are based on the supposition that your sale price will be 4X (400%) of your landing cost and that you will sell all of your inventory in a single month.

Let’s now think about a second case (below).

In the second case, the identical product is already being sold by a new rival before yours ever arrives.

They sell for less than you anticipated, which causes your margins to be reduced to 3X. (300 percent ). Not fantastic, but still nice.

Additionally, the product is not as well-known as your study indicated. It takes six months to sell the lot instead of one since a new rival has entered the market.

Scenario #2: gross revenue of $7,500 (3X margins, six-month inventory turnaround)

  • Product cost = $2500
  • Product investigation = $234 (six months membership fee to Junglescout or Helium 10 for continued alerts, updates, monitoring, analytics, testing, etc.)
  • UPC Code = $2.00 (based on 5 for $10 transaction)
  • Logo = $50
  • Images = $100
  • Amazon Seller Account = $234 (six months)
  • Inspection Service = $200 (estimate)
  • Amazon FBA Fees (est 25% of gross revenue) = $2500
  • Overall Cost = $5,820
  • Total Revenue – $7500 (3X margin)
  • Total Profit = $1,680 (or 28.8%)
  • Monthly Income = $280

Amazon also charges a price for long-term storage, which I did not include in my six-month scenario. Depending on the size of your goods, these costs may or may not be considerable (storage fees are calculated per cubic foot).

Also, as you may know, none of this happens instantly when you first start.

Finding a product and dealing with a provider takes time. There will also be production and delivery delays. This might take two to three months or more.

If your inventory takes six months to clear, you might be looking at a year before Amazon FBA is worthwhile. Of course, that doesn’t imply you’ll have to wait a year; it’s only one possibility.

As you can see, the amount of money you may make with BJK University varies tremendously.

With a few small changes and a $5000 – $6000 investment (not counting the cost of BJK education), your monthly income can range between $280 and $4,570.

And that lower figure is STILL assuming everything goes as planned.

You’ll get it correctly more often than not with practice and expertise. However, this is not always the case when first starting out. My acquaintance experimented with Amazon FBA and waited on $10,000 in merchandise for months before selling them at a loss.

But I don’t want to discourage you. It is also feasible to outperform the circumstances presented above. So, yes, you can make a lot of money with BJK University (and Amazon FBA), and many people do.

As previously said, Amazon is not my ideal online business model. It’s dangerous, and the start-up expenditures are significant (relative to other online businesses). I, too, lack the patience to cope with the difficulty of selling tangible things.

Having said that, Amazon FBA outperforms a comparable business strategy, dropshipping (in my opinion). Yes, the costs are higher and the margins are lower when using FBA. But you can’t compete with Amazon’s level of trust.

As a buyer, you can expect precise delivery timeframes, no-hassle refunds, and overall excellent service. Unfortunately, this is not always the case with dropshipping, making it more difficult for merchants to earn confidence.

That doesn’t imply one is better than the other. It also does not imply that they are incorrect. Before you start any business, you should know what you’re getting into and be honest about your ability and willingness to devote yourself.


How Much Do Amazon Sellers Make Per Year?

As you might expect, Amazon sellers’ earnings can range from nothing (including losses) to hundreds of thousands of dollars or more every year (in profits)

It’s a little out of date, but according to Small Biz Trends, there were 1,029,528 new vendors in 2018. I believe the figure is considerably higher now.

The story also claims that new dealers make between $26,000 and $810,000 each year, according to Jungle Scout (again, in profits).

It is also worth noting that new sellers might include individuals, small enterprises, and huge corporations.

What is certain is that there is money to be made here, and BJK University is taking advantage of a lucrative trend.

How Long To Make Money With BJK University?

Allow at least 2 – 3 months between purchasing the course and releasing your first product.

You must first learn how to locate items and work with vendors. Hiring an inspection service will also add time to your purchase if you’re being cautious.

Manufacturing lead times, shipping, and other delays may also be longer than intended.

Six to twelve months is an acceptable timeline for earning money and recovering your investment.

It might be much sooner if everything goes well and you have lots of spare time to concentrate on your business.

Similarly, if you don’t have much time and problems develop (product faults, production delays, missing shipments, and so on), it might take more than a year.

BJK University Refund Policy

I’m a little perplexed by BJK’s refund policy. According to my understanding, you have three days from the date of purchase and cannot eat more than 30% of the course.

That makes perfect sense. Three days is incredibly short, in my opinion, especially for something you can’t thoroughly investigate before purchasing. However, restricting your exposure to only 30% of the course is reasonable given that some members may create copies of the course and subsequently request a refund.

However, I’m not sure any of that counts because, according to Section 6 of their Terms of Service, they do not provide refunds.

Section 6 currently reads,

BJK University does not offer refunds or exchanges.

Online intangibles are non-refundable. Because our services are digital items, they are considered “used” after they have been emailed, downloaded, and/or opened.

If you are dissatisfied with our services, your sole option is to unsubscribe from them.

It also talks about subscriptions and billing cycles, and you may terminate your subscription by filling out a cancellation survey. However, after you’ve paid the entire course fee, there doesn’t appear to be a return option under their present policy.

All I have to say is…

If you’re worried about a refund, talk to BJK University or your enrollment coach before you buy. If they give you something that differs from what is stated in their Terms of Service, you should get it in writing through email or SMS.

What Else Do You Get With BJK University?

In addition to FBA training and community, you will get access to 5 weekly webinars that will cover Amazon FBA themes and tactics, as well as life coaching subjects like planning, goal setting, entrepreneurship, and so on.

Each webcast includes a Q&A session.


BJK University offers a variety of assistance options.

  • The Facebook group
  • Q&A throughout the webinar
  • You may also be able to directly contact your coach.

Who Is BJK University For?

BJK University is not suitable for everyone.

First and foremost, you must have money to invest. Ideally, I’d recommend between $10,000 and $15,000, but that’s just my opinion. I’m not sure about your situation or how risk-averse you are, but I’ve seen many folks go bankrupt while creating web businesses.

I propose $10,000 to $15,000 for a safety buffer. Some breathing room in case something goes wrong with your initial product.

However, when you include the cost of BJK University, you should have at least $6,000. That pays the course fee and gives you a few thousand dollars to play with.

The perfect candidate should also not be in a hurry. BJK University is not a course that you can buy and start using right away.

Starting an Amazon FBA business will not help you if you have rent and vehicle payments due at the end of the month.

If you’re OK with your current situation and don’t mind waiting a few months (or more) to recover your investment, BJK University might be a good fit.

Furthermore, this is not a “done-for-you” application. Bashar and his staff will assist you, but they will not perform the work for you. BJK University is a program for hard workers.

BJK University Complaints and Reviews

There is a notice on BJK University’s page on Trustpilot’s review site that states,

Warning! We’ve detected misuse on this page.

We discovered a number of bogus reviews for this business. Don’t worry, we got rid of them.

It continues, “

We take our platform’s integrity extremely seriously, and when we discover misuse, we put a stop to it.

I’m not sure what happened to cause these bogus reviews. But I know that before Amazon altered the regulations, one of Bashar’s techniques for getting product evaluations was to offer purchasers anything in return for one.

So it’s not unreasonable to think he employs the same method for his course.

Is it unethical to “purchase” reviews?

If I wrote a good evaluation of the dealership, the last four or five automobiles I purchased came with a gift card (I only gave one review because only one deserved it).

Similarly, when you purchase a property, some agents give you something in exchange for referrals, which is a bought review in its own right.

Dentists have also offered me freebies in return for a review.

I am opposed to the practice. It’s tough to determine which reviews to believe. However, paid reviews are neither prevalent or an indicator that anything is bogus.

I can’t guarantee that all of the favorable BJK University reviews are true, but I’m convinced that some are.

I believe some of the criticisms are accurate, but they are subjective and should be viewed with caution.

BJK University has received the following complaints:

  • Question responses are general and unthoughtful.
  • Bashar has shifted away from private coaching and has been less available as BJK University has grown.
  • Community reviews of the goods you wish to sell are shallow and lack important information.
  • Community assistance may be ineffective since other members may have the same or less experience than you.

Overall, the evaluations are favorable, and while some may not be real, I am confident that many are.

? What I Like About BJK University

  • To accommodate additional students, we just introduced more coaches and webinars.
  • Bashar appears honest in his desire to assist his pupils and improve his course.
    There are several possibilities for assistance.
  • Taught by a person who does what they preach.
  • In many aspects, it is an entrepreneurial course as well as an Amazon FBA course.

? What I Don’t Like About BJK University

Bashar’s personal participation decreases as enrolment increases. This is understandable and does not constitute a critique. It’s simply the nature of these services. Still, it’s a disadvantage for new pupils.

Unlike a traditional institution with publicized course descriptions, timetables, and tuition rates, BJK University lacks openness. Whether true or not, it appears that what you’re purchasing and how much you’re spending are being purposely concealed from you. “Why?” is the obvious question.

High entry barrier. BJK University costs $3800, without including the cost of merchandise, tools, and so on.

The refund policy is unclear. If it is three days, as some claim, it is far too short to provide an informed judgement, in my opinion. However, it is preferable to no refund.

However, if there is no return as mentioned in their Terms of Service, it is difficult to advocate purchasing it without extreme care. Not because there is a problem with BJK University, but because you may find that Amazon FBA is not for you.

aggressive marketing techniques (scarcity, enrollment coaches, lifestyle selling, etc.)

BJK University Review – Conclusion

To be clear, This is legit, But I did not recommend it for all. BJK University is a much better option for making serious money. However, if you’ve never made money online before and money is tight, You can check my #1 Recommendation to start your online Journey.

Is There are any Alternative for Make Money Online ?

BJK University is an excellent course taught by a legitimate online marketer and FBA seller. But it’s not for everyone…

Much of what is taught is excellent for beginners, but I’m not sure it’s suitable for real newbies with no previous business experience.

Not because of the course material, but because of the expectations of new students. Even if they’re new to Amazon FBA, experienced businesses are aware of the challenges ahead.

Many newbies, however, underestimate the amount of labor required to run an online business like BJK University while overestimating the money.

True, there may be a lot. However, Online entrepreneurs who earn respectable (but modest) salaries outweigh those who become filthy rich.

Amazon’s FBA business is far less expensive than a traditional business. However, it is still expensive in comparison to other online businesses.

So the key issue here is your budget. If you’re on a tight budget, purchasing things and paying for tools, fees, and other services may prevent you from progressing. However, Bashar’s staff will discuss this with you before you join.

If money is an issue, but you still want to work online, you have choices.

You may be a student or a single parent at home. You may be experiencing health issues, or you may simply dislike your work and wish to leave.

If that’s the case, you should start an online business.

With all of the scams and schemes out there, understanding how and where to begin started the proper way is essential if you want to acquire what you desire.

Are You Ready To Create Your Online Business?

I hope you found my BJK University review useful. Please leave any comments, questions, or experiences you have had with BJK University in the section below.

What do you think?

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  1. I am sorry to tell you that when I went to your site it gave me a warning that your site was not secure. you may want to check this out. Please let me know when this is fixed so I can come back and visit your site. I would like to come back to see what you have to offer. Good luck.

  2. These are things that Amazon itself provides information for. I don’t think that paying over $5,000 in expenses for a platform that isn’t even clear on their transparency isn’t something I would invest my time or money on. Maybe they do have a good method, but again, I’m not risking that amount of money in something I’m not completely sure of. 

  3. The investment to join this course looks significant. Frankly, as an Amazon FBA beginner, there are a lot of free sources you can start with, as well as much cheaper guides and tutorials so I don’t know if I would join BJK university, but I agree that it has its high points. Maybe there should be a cheaper version of it that is more accessible. 

  4. The initial investment is colossal. It is not justifiable especially when you consider that there are many cheaper platforms on the internet. I feel you need to do more to attract people to invest in the business.

    Many people like starting small until they are sure that the organization is legit and trust worthy. However, thanks for the detailed review. You really did your homework.

  5. I have come across several advertisements for BJK University, so was wondering what it was all about and if it was a legitimate platform. So thank you for sharing this review. 

    Having an Amazon FBA business might be profitable in the long run, but the cost of the course is prohibitive and far too expensive. Amazon themselves provides a lot of information for beginners, so I cannot see the need to spend a small fortune on BJK University, when a lot of the information is available online for free.

  6. I got a detailed insight into both BJK University and Amazon. I have gained a lot of useful information. Since Amazon is the world’s largest online store, many people want to be an affiliate partner. But many do not know how to start. This article will show you how to get started and whether you should start. Numerically shows what those who take part in it can expect.

  7. I learned a lot more about starting a FBA business through Amazon simply by reading your very detailed article today. It is similar to starting a brick and mortar business with all the costs involved and this is certainly not for a newbie or the faint hearted. 

    I think I prefer the affiliate marketing business model as there are far less risks involved and you can get started for next to nothing in comparison. Although as they say, no risk no gain, I prefer to play it safe. 

  8. I appreciate your thorough review of BJK University.  After reading your review, I don’t think BJK University would be a good fit for me. First and foremost, the potential cost is a little high although I do understand it can greatly increase income.  Furthermore, there are so many tools and resources at the newbie level to help elevate until I am able to find a more robust program that fits my budget.  Thank you.

  9. I’ve seen many affiliate courses like BJK University. I’ve not subscribed to it but it seems a little bit too expensive for my liking. Moreover, I do think that he should offer easier ways to enroll in his programs. I’ve seen other programs who were more complete and offering more options at a cheaper price. That being said, it does not come as a scam to me. It’s just that there are many other programs that are cheaper and which fare better. So I wouldn’t enroll in this program if I was asked.

  10. If you are someone who wants to sell actual products online, Amazon has a proven track record in creating successful entrepreneurs. Like in any business, there is a learning process plus the need for capital to get started. It is always better to learn from others who have been successful in the business model you want to adopt. 

    BJK University appears to offer this solution. You have done a good job to share the facts so that anyone enrolling in BJK will be doing so armed with critical information. As you also made clear, this is not for everyone. 



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