Beginner Affiliate Blogger Training

Welcome to your free affiliate training. My name is Dimanka, and for the last many years I’ve been affiliate blogging. I produced a ton of money to do this thing, and I’ll teach you that free of charge.


In fact, I’m not so sure. I suppose I can earn more money if I packed it into a class and sold it for $997 or whatever, but I have a stronger interest in selling tools than in selling business strategies.

Some things will cost you money, but I’ll teach you free of charge about these strategies. Seems pretty fair, right?

One nice thing about the courses I set out here is that I do things pretty different from many others who also blog affiliates. In my business, I’m quite lazy and concentrate on away garbage that I don’t have to do in order for my own business to function smoothly.

That means I will only show you how to do the important things that truly produce results.


Beginner Affiliate Blogger Training Lessons 1 – 8

The most interesting part of creating an affiliate blog in Stage 1 I’ve described here. You’ll be able to be creative and pick what you want to do with your online business.

However, there are many new things to learn, so there are some great challenges too. You may need to spend six or more months on these classes while creating a website (website = blog) for the first time.

Naturally, working ethics and free time may vary, so in a month you might possibly be able to do so. Note that completion is not a guarantee of success immediately. Even with these courses as advice, making money from your blog will face many trials and errors.

Goals For This Affiliate Blogging Course

First off, for this course, I need a snappy name. What should I call it? What should I call it? I was only calling it the “affiliate blogging course,” since it teaches, but I might need a cooler course, like “The Quit Your Job Formula” or “Instant Riches 2.0″.” Something like that, something like that.

It has a boring name for now. anyway, but the aim is pretty exciting.

I want to help you to create a blog and earn the money that you want to make online.

In order to do that, you will learn how to:

  1. Build a website
  2. Publish content
  3. Get your content discovered in search engines
  4. Promote affiliate products within your content

Note that the substance of the term appears in that list three times. The #1 aim is to write articles on your blog (AKA content). This is the value you give, and it’s a fundamental ingredient that makes you pay.

You may boot and write everything you do (I have been doing it for many years), or you can outsource things on your own if you have a budget. I recommend bootstrapping for a while even if you have a budget, so if you start outsourcing, you will get a good idea of what you pay for.


In Lesson 1: You’re going to discover how to select your website’s “niche” or themes. That’s the fun part. Any niche may produce money, so you choose something interesting you believe is.

Most folks immediately panic out because they worry about sucking up their idea and are wasting their time. If this is an exact description of yourself currently, two crucial things to keep in mind.

One: It’s OK to create a failed blog or a few failed blogs. No one, including myself, is an overnight success.

Two: There’s a solid concept that simply has to be adjusted to make it a great concept. If you have a concept, proceed along and over time you can develop it. This is explained in the course.

Go for it, therefore. Go and see what occurs with your first idea.

In Lesson 2: You will learn about the domain and hosting innards of your site. This is the most important thing you need to spend money on running your company. This is how your site may be made available on the internet.

In simply, your website address is the domain and your website files are saved on your hosting.

In Lesson 3: You’re going to see how to create your blog genuinely. Now it’s really really easy. Hand-coding days are gone, and all is done by push-button technology. You don’t have to know how to code your blog to make money.

Surprisingly, blog creating is free (WordPress), and you may work with more than 10,000 free templates.

In Lesson 4: There’ll be three basic strategies to generate traffic to your blog. I’ll describe why traffic is key. Personally, I use just one of them for my own business, thus this training will be focused on.

I will show you also how your traffic statistics are to be tracked.

Traffic is going to be a key factor in increasing your revenue over time, so that in the intermediate course we may look deeper into traffic.

In Lesson 5: I am going to teach you the basics of keyword research, a critical ingredient in the successful blogging of affiliates. This is how you learn what people are looking for so that you can produce content that people want to read.

There are several techniques to search keywords. This is only a basic introduction and in the Level 2 affiliate training, I will go further into other approaches.

In Lesson 6: You will discover how to identify companies that pay you on your blog to market their items. Briefly, you are a self-employed advertiser paid on commission.

In all industries, there are 10,000 affiliate programs. Digital and physical devices are available. You can collaborate with large enterprises and small ones. There are many popular brands that you know and enjoy, such as Amazon, Blue Apron, Uber, Nike, Home Depot, and Walmart. But even smaller businesses are found to do your study and you may promote them.

There is a rising number of affiliate programs every day, so you always have the opportunity to market items. You may select which enterprises and items your time is worth.

In Lesson 7: I’m going to show you how to locate worthy items. Tons of companies and items may be promoted but which are best used to make money. Furthermore, the kinds of items made me the most cash and blunders as a newbie to avoid.

In Lesson 8: Lessons 1-7 recap. Recap. Your business is complete with its fundamental pieces. Awesome? You are now a company and affiliate marketer online.

Though you probably don’t make money yet, you have established your firm and you are ready to start building up from the foundation you set.

The intermediate blogger training aims to improve what you currently know and add some new abilities to your “stack” blogger. You are going to become a better blogger at stage 2, although we have established a very good basis in stage 1.