Affiliate Website Training Level 1 Recap

Affiliate Website Training Level 1 Summary  (Lesson 1-7)


Here is what we have achieved so far:

  • Select our company’s topic & domain name
  • Website building and content publication
  • Found out how to get traffic to our website
  • To monetize our traffic we found some affiliate programs and products;

It may appear sublimate, but they are the fundamentals of how I make money online and how the marketing of affiliates works. It’s that simple to make money for affiliate marketing.

If you have taken all the stages, you now have a working Internet business in millions of dollars that have profit potential. Seriously. Obviously, you have to work on this, but the foundation is created and you need to add tools.

It is really stupid that I simply published this whole series free of charge when people charge $997. Do whatever you wish with it. I could be wrong to provide it free of charge, and the majority would prefer to pay for anything so that people think it is worthwhile.

 What do you think? Should I pack this stuff and put it online for a couple of hundred dollars? Perhaps, when I get more time, I will do it in the future.


Your key tasks Moving Forward

Honestly, you could do only two things for the rest of the year each day at this point and make good money before the end of these 12 months.

  1. Research topics
  2. Publish content

I have always been happy with my specialist websites. Plus you publish content, the more traffic you receive. Whether an item receives 1 to 100 visits per day does not matter, daily visits still continue to increase. Do nothing but search and create keywords for a few years and nearly every day you will have a thousand people.

No Matter What, Traffic = Income

Let’s tell you to write content throughout the year for $0, but visit your website for 2000 each day. You might sell this website absolutely for a smooth profit or you can just place adverts on displays and make money like that.

 Another option: Get an autoresponder service and start collecting emails and then put some advertising links within your emails.

It’s practically hard to have a traffic website that doesn’t produce money.

I see Newbies making two main mistakes

1). It takes a lot of time to see results sometimes:

I wrote 5 months before I had more than 100 visits in a single day. Almost ten years later, I visit several thousand times a day, with over six figures each year on the site.

It took me three years before I began profiting at another location. In December 2020 alone, that site made $22,000.

It seems like it’s forever when you grind. Only later did you clearly understand that it was worth time, stress, and hard effort.

Most people are irritated or bored. Don’t be that person.

How long is a year, honestly? Can you spend only one year in your life attempting to discover this online business? Is your time so important that to improve yourself you could not risk anything of it? Even with a busy life, I know everyone can start an affiliate blog successfully.

You can’t start an internet business as difficult as any other activity. Guitar. Baseball. Lifting weight, Woodworking.  Gardening. Practice makes perfect, right – so why not practice making money online?

You will suck simply for a while, but over time you’re going to grow better if you ever act. There’s a lot even only thirty minutes a day!

The big difference is that it pays for affiliate marketing and any other activity. You can get another $500 a month as your terrible affiliate marketer. Six figures cannot be gained by a big affiliate marketer.

High school kids and grandparents can do it. It can also be done. It is indeed simpler than ever to make money from a blog, thanks to technological developments and the insane development of online shopping.

2). You will not get quicker results if you buy stuff:

Any program, PDF, or mentorship program that claims that in one week your revenue may increase or overload your site with endless visitors will be an obvious scam.

It will not work if you spend money on products to “supercharge,” and enable you to save the line to quick results.  It is a scam.

Stop taking shortcuts. You must put yourself in the work in some way.

It will be a slow process. In the past, I have been screwed by each shortcut. Learn about my mistakes, please.

Support Means A Better Chance of Success

It’ll be hard to go alone. If you’ve already learned these lessons, then you know it is challenging, even if it is exciting to start an affiliate website. Sometimes you can’t figure out something.

You’re a perfect candidate for Wealthy Affiliate if you’re stuck, or hesitant. You cannot receive such helpful support, friendly, and fast when creating a niche business anywhere online.

The technical part of the construction of a business is rather straightforward. Create a site. Build a site. Get traffic.  The hard thing is to know where to turn if you’re stuck. To me as a newbie, to have a community of people back you and help out with difficult issues was an incredible tool.

Moreover, you will get access to much more educational tutorials like building a successful YouTube channel, further extensive SEO tips, and step-by-step instructions to develop a profitable membership blog.

Premium members of the community have over 1000 training videos accessible to help you learn this. In addition, there is a live webinar every week on a wide range of business topics, such as producing photos for your blog, looking into Search Console and Google Analytics, and establishing social network accounts.

A premium affiliate includes hosting and you may operate your full business for $49/month (+$14/year for a domain). For anyone serious about building a profitable blog, this is very affordable pricing.

So, What is next?

The order of events was important in level 1 of the training. Before you purchased a domain you needed to choose a topic – something like this.

The rest of your training is a stage 2 course, now that your website has been set up and you know how to create content, so you may select what to do next. I developed intermediate Stage 2 training for the Next Stage of success for your website.

Certain technical things are described and some ideas taught by level 1 beginners are expanded, but this time with a further explanation, so you can get to understand more thoroughly why.

What do you think?

Written by mr.success

On this site. You can get make-money tips,(extra cash tips & passive income), Digital Marketing, and program reviews.

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